“Shiny Shrimps”: when your sports team is also your life team.


After an homophobic rant against a journalist, distressed Olympic champion Matthias Le Goff has the chance to atone (and have the possibility to take part to further qualifying competitions) having some social services withing the gay community. He then becomes the trainer of a water-pool team “The Shiny Shrimps” whose talent in coreography is inversely proportional to their professional success. For Matthias, it will be the chance to confront himself with a new kind of sports relationship and develop a strong motivational boundary with this proudly quaint team as they make their way to the Gay Games in Croatia, the biggest LGBT sports competition.

Based on a true story, French comedy “Les crevettes pailletees” (English title, “Shiny Shrimps”) is a funny comedy mixing together the themes of the road movie and gay brotherhood to deliver a story of unity within diversity which will make you laugh (even if there will be also space for some tears) thanks to a special ensemble featuring Nicolas Gob, Alban Lenoir and Romain Brau as the flamboyant Fred. If you loved “Pride” you will find the same kind of spirit of community and the sense that sport, too much seen in the past as a turf for homophobia and prejudice, can be pivotal for the growth and the strengthening of LGBTQI communities.

“Shiny Shrimps” is distributed across UK by Peccadillo Pictures from the 6th of September.


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