About Us

Hello everybody!

I’m Cristina Cocco (@85cry85) , Drive In Magazine editor and former Moviez Magazine Editor and co-founder.

Drive In is an online magazine with success and consensus as vocations. Its goal is to become soon a digital publication distributed in major bookshops and, later, in a high diffusion paper version.

Drive In purpose is to find information and exclusive news in the international cinema and theater world.

We will not be necessarily always the first to report the news.
We do not necessarily will post news or materials on themes that everyone expects because they are cool.
We decide to post what we like and what we think is right to highlight.
We will avoid what we do not believe will be of interest to our audience or to ourselves.

We have made some social profiles so you can follow us better that will be enhanced in the coming days and are:

For info and suggestions: infodriveinmagazine@gmail.com

With this we take our leave and we wish you good reading.

Be always you the directors of your life.

Best wishes,

Cristina Cocco


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