Ed Westwick: ecco cosa ci ha raccontato dalla sua nuova casa londinese l’attore protagonista del nuovo war movie Enemy Lines.

Enemy Lines è il nuovo film che vede come protagonista l’amato Chuck Bass di Gossip Girl Ed Westwick. La premiere avrebbe dovuto tenersi a Los Angeles lo scorso weekend; ma, la situazione di emergenza in cui tutto il mondo si trova in questo momento, ne ha impedito lo svolgimento. Enemy Lines è quindi stato reso…

Gold Digger: in conversation with Ben Barnes at the Montecarlo Television Festival

Gold Digger is the new ITV STUDIO six-part series starring The Punisher star Ben Barnes ( Westworld, Sons of Liberty, By The Gun, Jackie and Ryan, The Words, Killing Bono, Dorian Grey, The Chronicles of Narnia) and Julian Ormond (Witches of East End, Marilyn). We met Ben Barnes this summer at the Montecarlo Television Festival; it…

London Film Festival Afternoon Tea: incontro con Pietro Marcello

Un uomo che pensa di potersi riscattare grazie alla scrittura e all’amore; ma che finisce per inabissarsi nelle proprie illusioni in una strada senza via d’uscita. Il Martin Eden di Jack London è una storia che parla dell’uomo come individuo, un dramma sulla fame di conoscenza che porta l’animo umano alla disperazione. Nella sua rivisitazione…

“Our surnames are who we are. No one can take this away from us” Nicholas Gonzalez and Christina Chang at Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Q: What do you love about this show? C: How there are so many new stories put inside the episode every time. People want to see what happens outside of the hospital. And we love our story. We are so flattered that the writers and David chose to give us this story. N: And it’s…

Summer of Rockets: in conversation with Stephen Poliakoff and Helen Flint.

Summer of Rockets is the new BBC Two 6 part cold-war drama series by Stephen Poliakoff. A semi-autobiographical drama sets in 1957. Petrukhin (inspired by Poliakoff‘s father) is a Russian Jew maker of hearing aids with Winston Churchill in person on his customer’s book. At the 59th Montecarlo Television Festival, we sat down with writer…

From Undrafted to Law&Order: Philip Winchester at the 58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

We met Philip Winchester from Law & Order: SVU and we talked about tv series, baseball, music, and Undrafted: the movie based on Joe Mazzello‘s brother starring also Jay Hayden (who was in the room next to ours), Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford, Broadway star Aaron Tveit and his Graceland partner in crime Manny Montana. C:…

“Being in Glee was like being part of Hamilton or One Direction” : Darren Criss at 58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Michele in the year that consecrates him as an international star not only for his vocal skills but also for his acting excellence. He talked to us about his experience as Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace based on the book, by Maureen Orth, Vulgar Favors. But not only…

D: Fashion is something I’m very passionate about (he is wearing a wonderful white suit with black flowers on it) but as an actor, I’m just in that world for a small part. So I’m very glad they chose me for this role. Especially because I had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary woman like Donatella Versace. And I love Italy and Italians. I lived in Arezzo where The Life is Beautiful is set…Buongiorno Principessa!!! Yes, I remember a little bit of Italian…I love languages. And I went to the Giffoni Festival a few weeks ago. I love Italy! Can’t wait to come back again. For Glee and Versace, as a white straight man (he is engaged to Mia Swier) I’m very proud that an important community like LGBT embraced me making me feel like one of them.

C: How did you approach your character?

D: People think you work differently if you play something dark…like if you have to go dark to make it. Truth is that you work in exactly the same way. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a comedy, a sit-com, a thriller, or Shakespeare. Here we talked about something real. The thing with Andrew is that the audience is not connected with his world. It’s a huge obstacle because now we are not paying attention to the performance but to the impersonation: his conflicts and his fears. We were constantly moving between the ’70s and the ’90s so it was impossible to make my look changing so often but it’s not what matters in this series and this story.
I built my character from the book as it is a very good piece of investigative journalism and people come to me like all the time from all around the world talking about Andrew. And it’s amazing the things you hear; ’cause his personality, etc…, get finally sense.”

C: How was working with Ryan Murphy?

D: Before this project, we didn’t really work together… together; like making your hands dirty together. He was my boss and stop. It’s like being a friend of a football star. You know him, his family but you’ve never seen him play football. Even if you know it’s what he is famous for. Then suddenly you see him make his magic…that’s what happened with Ryan. He is such a terrific guy.

C: How can you explain the empathy that the audience can grow with your character even if he is a real person who murdered people?

D: I think this has more to do with human compassion than with our work. As a human I believe we are hopelessly optimistic; so I think it’s our research of his redemption this empathy we feel. Our story gives the audience some prospects they never had the occasion to look at before. Obviously what he did is terrible, unforgivable. But there is also another tragedy in this story: Andrew potential. If you look at the stereotypical US serial killers you see they are all people with this amazing and huge potential. Before becoming a serial killer, Andrew was living this great life in San Diego. He was smart and charming,… so we have to wonder why the fall, and we become like frustrated faithful friends. But this doesn’t mean we forget him.

C: Which is your favorite memory from Glee?

D: When I joined the cast, Glee was a huge phenomenon already, so it was, for me, like joining Hamilton or One Direction. I don’t have a special memory because I love everything about that show.