How far would you go to save your town?

The small harbor of Tickle Cove is going toward a financial ruin.

The only salvation for the little town is to land a conctract to secure a factory.

But rules are rules and they say: “No doctor, no factory”.

When Dr. Paul Lewis (Canadian Lone Survivor’s star Taylor Kitsch) arrives to Tickle Cove, village resident Murray French (Harry Potter’s Brendan Gleeson) is willing to do anything to seduce him to stay permantely, even play doctor’s favourite sport: cricket.

That means the entire town has to pretend to love a sport they know nothing about and that they mistake, as good fishmen, for a kind of sushi.

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Don McKellar, The Grand Seduction is a deep look at how far a man can go to protect the people he loves.

The movie is remake of a 2003 French-Canadian film named Le grande seduction.

Already screened at Toronto Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival and Torino Film Festival, with four nominations at Canadian Screen Awards last Sunday, Gordon Pinsent won as Best Supporting Film Actor.

eOne has bought the rights for Canada, for the UK and this week for the US.

It will be release probably next summer.

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