The Vampire Diaries favourite becomes Supernatural

The Vampire Diaries star Nathaniel Buzolic cast in the Supernatural spin-off

The Australian actor will star in Supernatural: Tribes, in the upcoming U.S. pilot season.

Supernatural: Tribes is described as a drama about different mafia-esque monster families that unknowingly to humans control the underground Chicago.

They are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter, Ennis who’s trying to stop them and rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural.

The 30-year-old is set to play David Hayden, a shape-shifter from one of Chicago’s ruling monster families who has been living as a human after having given up the monster life.

Nathaniel showed his excitement on Twitter sharing with his followers: “God knew from the out set. I’m just catching up. Follow your heart & chase that dream”.

Alongside to Buzolic we’ll see Lucien Laviscount (Skins, Episodes)

He  has been cast as Ennis Roth. He is a police academy trainee. But when his fiancée is killed in the crossfire of the monster war,  he learns the truth about what lurk in the Chicago underbelly and becomes a monster-hunter himself.

The spinoff cast will be introduced in episode 20 of the current season of Supernatural, set to air on April 29 written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Robert Singer.

But for those who can’t wait until April, Buzolic will appear in an episode of Pretty Little Liars in early March.


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