These violent delights have violent ends: WESTWORLD SEASON 2 (no spoiler)

After a first season about the mystery of an extravagant place like Westworld; season 2 starts making the audience uncomfortable since from the first few minutes.

After 10 episodes of season 1 we know the game and the players (are we sure?); but in season 2 we find the world we used to know completely upside-down. Flashback after flashback, time lapse after time lapse we become more and more confused about what we’re going to discover or about what we thought to know. Any clue we receive leads to even more possibilities than the ones we had in mind. It’s more like a sequel than a continuation of season 1. What a twist when we discover William and Arnold/Bernard‘s true identies! And what an amazing surprise Peter Mullan first apperance! No bounderies between humans and robots who reach a whole new level of consciousness that allows for love and friendship; feelings not written in their codes.

Westworld season 2 is also a series with a clear message: the strongest characters are three women and two of them are women of color. If in season 1 women suffered at the hands of men, now they are in charge and they haven’t forgotten what happened to them.

We just hope this season will be able to run towards the future with the same quality and wonder of its start.

From April 22nd


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