Let me go: EDITH

Edith is Christian Cooke (Romeo & Juliet, The Art of More, Witches of East End, Love Rosie) directional debut.

It is a script based on Ray Robinson’s novel and written by the same novelist. The story is about an old man, Jake, suspicions about his dead wife, Edith, and consequently about the legitimacy of his son. The film deals with the issues of love and regret in old age.

In this short movie (round 15 minutes long) the director chooses to focus on the details as they can speak for the man and his story: the honey jar, the wedding ring, Edith’s nightdress,…

Every shot is like hold in the air, exactly like Jake’s feeling for Edith. And every shot touches all the audience five senses: the snow is cold and soft, the pub floor is wet and cold, …and  as Jack you can feel all these sensations.

Peter Mullan (Trainspotting, War Horse, Tyrannosaur, Sunset Song) is Jake in another touching and extraordinary performance. Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Suits), outstanding as always, is Sheila.

Wonderful performances also from the rest of the cast: Elliott Tittensor (Reg, Shameless) as the young Jake, Sai Bennett (Face of an Angel, Just Jim,Trapped, Mr Selfridge) as the young Edith;  Alex Jordan (Annie Waits) as the other man, Catherine McDonough (Where I Belong, Saint Petersburg) as Edith and Robyn Malcolm (Drift, Burning Man) as the Barmaid.

A screenplay with few dialogues because we all know that words are not needed here; but it’s the marvellous music by Richard J. Birkin and Si Bell‘s photography to give us all we need to fall into the screen…with body and soul.

Icing on the cake is the original song “Don’t Look Down” by Tom Hughes chosen for the closing credits.

Edith is a Mini Productions project by April Kelley, Sara Huxley and Christian Cooke.

An absolutely must see.

More about Edith and Christian Cooke.

Check here the official trailer.





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