It’s a wrap for The Liberator starring Bradley James

It’s a wrap for the cast of the new animated series, in 4 episodes, The Liberator.

Shoot in Tòdz’, Poland; the four-part animated World War II drama by A+E (Sons of Liberty, Project Blue Book) for Netflix is based on the book by British writer and historian Alex Kershaw, The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey.

Lead by British actor Bradley James (Medici: Masters of Florence, Damien, Merlin) as Felix Sparks, the cast includes Jose Miguel Vasquez (Legacies) as Corporal Able Gomez, Bryan Hibbard (Burden) as Joe Hallowell, Taylor James (Mamma Mia!, Branagh Theatre Romeo and Juliet) as Sergeant Tank Gunner, Martin Sensmeier (Westworld) as Sergeant Samuel Coldfoot and Finney Cassidy (England is Mine) as Michigan.

Directed by visual effects artist Grzegorz Jonkajtys (Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok) and written by Alex Kershaw (D-Day 360) and Jeb Stuart (The Fugitive); The Liberator is the first project produced in Trioscope (a new hybrid animation technology that combines CGI with live-action).

The Liberator follows Sparks and the 157th Infantry Regiment from the invasion of Italy to the liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp. Felix Sparks (Bradley James) is a cowboy from Arizona who, over 500 days of combat, rises from 2nd Lieutenant to Lt. Colonel. He is a stubborn but compassionate man, ready to be cheeky to superiors who put themselves and their careers over their men.

No release date has been set yet.

Photo by Bradley James on Instagram.




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