Dance is the hidden language of the soul: Dance – The Audition

Huge success for the premiere, on the International Dance Day last April 29th, of the docu-film Dance – The Audition at Cinema House in Villa Borghese in Rome.
Dance – The Audition is an international production by New Yorker Delta Star Pictures and Fini Production LLC, a 52-minutes long docu-film that like A Chorus Line, shows all the pain, the struggles, the sacrifices but also the love, the passion and the victories of this enchanting art.

From an idea by Italo -American choreographer Antonio Fini, directed by Jordan River and written by Antonio Fini, Michela Albanese and Jordan River, Dance – The Audition stars international dancers Andrea Raw, Antonella Perazzo, Carlos Matrone, Gianni Santucci, Jennifer Chapko, Juan Michael Porter II, Katherine Duke, Kerville Cosmos Jack, Lauren Jaeger, Marie Loréne Fichaux, Mary Jo Panacciulli, Nikki Holck, Tabata Caldironi, Yoshito Sakuraba and Micahel Mao, director of the Michael Mao Dance in New York.
Dance – Tha Audition is available in the UK and US on Amazon and in Germany, Austria, Polonia, and Italy on Chili.





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