Here is to the fools who dream: LA LA LAND

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

It doesn’t matter what is going to happen at the 60th BFI LFF or at any other festival this year; because we have the best movie of the last decade.

Daniel Chazelle’s La La Land leaves with only a very big huge assurance: a hail of Oscars coming for sure in its way in few months.

Whiplash’s director is the youngest director to make a masterpiece like that in a way that seems a job so easy and simple to feel something natural for everyone.

La La Land is not a musical, it’s a fantastic hymn to Hollywood golden age; from James Dean to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; from the CinemaScope to Singing in the Rain; from Casablanca to Judy Garland.

La La Land is everything you can find in a movie: it’s funny and sad, romantic and heartbreaking…as Seb (Ryan Gosling) says: “it’s conflict and it’s compromise, and it’s very very exciting” and it’s all said in music and taps.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone chemistry is outstandingly unbelievable. They are the heart and the soul of this movie.

Aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) and jazz piano player Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) have a big showdown on a busy motorway in summer. After that day, season after season, they continue to bump into each other. Soon they fall in love, till when dreams and career ambitions start to get in the way.

Original soundtrack is something will be remembered in years and years to come. Audition and City of Stars are two of the most romantic songs ever written for a movie and Stone and Gosling performances are going to kill young new singers ambitions.

The end it’s something you’ll think about for days…real and heart-breaking.

La La Land is just like “letting life hit you until it gets tired. Then hit it back”. It’s a movie you can’t wait to see again and again, and you’ll do it with the same euphoria you had the first time.

And if you come out of the screening room finding yourself dancing and singing and whistling around…don’t worry, it happened to all of us.

“I’m always gonna love you”. “I’m always gonna love you, too”

STARS: ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

UK release: 13th January 2017                    Italy release: 26th January 2017