The 24 Hour Musicals is gonna be one the craziest night of the season because there’s nothing quite like actors randomly bursting into song and dance to cheer you up and put you in a great mood.

Remember when we told you about the crazy and amazing marathon at The Old Vic in 2013 called The 24 Hour Plays and starring among the others also our favorite Lucifer Tom Ellis?

Well, in 1995, a group of writers, directors and actors did, for the 1st time, the same thing in New York for what was supposed to be a one-time only event.

On May 8th, The 24 Hour Plays announced that they’ll mark their anniversary with an intimate production of The 24 Hour Musicals on Monday, June 17th at 8 PM/EST on the Irene Diamond Stage at the Pershing Square Signature Center.

Four new musicals written and performed in the span of 24 hours from 9 PM/EST the night before the performance when writers, composers, directors, choreographers, actors, music directors, musicians and production staff will gather for an orientation where they’ll share costume pieces and props like the one we own from The 24 Hour Plays in London.


Douglas Booth’s prop from his Worried About The Boy successful audition

At 11 PM/EST composers and writers will get to work on their 15-20 minute musicals overnight and at 9 AM/EST the next morning actors will receive their roles and directors, choreographers and musicians will arrive to begin rehearsal.

Less than 12 hours later they’ll perform in front of a live audience!

The 24 Hour Plays Executive Director Mark Armstrong, said: “The 24 Hour Plays and The 24 Hour Musicals are a delivery system for joy, and for 24 years this organization has brought together extraordinary artists around the world to make singular evenings of theater in 24 hours. From raising millions of dollars for charities, to launching significant careers through our professional development initiatives for young artists, our work shows what communities can do when they come together. We’re celebrating 24 years of work that’s touched everyone from celebrities to students and looking ahead to the next 24 years.”

Cast and creative teams will be announced soon.

The 24 Hour Plays are offering extraordinary experiences through their online auction like a chance to perform in The 24 Hour Musicals, meeting Jesse Eisenberg at his new play, going backstage at Mean Girls with Kate Rockwell and more at

Who would you like to see on stage on June 17th?  Tell us your chosen name here!!!



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