Critics Circle Film Awards: George MacKay and the rising stars

They Are The Future

At the Critics’ Circle Film Awards we met the stars of tomorrow.

Someone was holding really tight the coveted prize, others unfortunately not. But we are sure.: they are all destined to shine.

Barkhad Abdi winner as Supporting Actor in Captain Phillips.

Are you happy?

It’s a honor. Yes, I’m happy but first of all I’m honored.

Are you going to make a phone call to Tom Hanks?

Maybe ..My cell phone doesn’t work here.

We followed the event from the Crystal Room. How was the atmosphere in the Awards Room? It was different from the other events that you attended? For example from the Golden Globes?

Yes, it was really different. All was really quiet here but every award ceremony is always a big emotion for me.

Conner Chapman winner as Young Performance and his co- star Shaun Thomas Swifty nominated as Young Performance both winner for The Selfish Giant as Film of the Year.

Conner, how do you feel?

C: I feel great. I was really nervous so it’s why I decided to write down the speech.

Conner, have you in mind a place for this award?

C: my bedroom on the shelf.

Maybe near a poster..are you a football fan?

C: No..I have only the Selfish Giant poster in my bedroom.

Shaun, how did you feel when you went on the stage with him?

S:  It was unexpected…what? Me? But obviously was great be on stage during his speech.

Did you enjoy the all experience together?

S: Yes, yes, friends forever.

C: Absolutely, forever.

George MacKay  Young Performance nominated

You were nominated here at CCFA, but you are also nominated as Rising Star at BAFTA. Do you feel a lot of pressure on you?

No, not really. I don’t know… maybe it’s just so an honor to be nominated that you don’t feel it. And you meet the other people that are nominated and all it’s easy. No, there isn’t too much pressure.

Sunshine on Leith was your first movie-musical. How was to be David and after to be part of a sport movie like Breakfast with Jonny Willington?

I love to change roles and try new things. Study different characters. To learn more and more every time. If I can, I always prefer to choose something different from what I have done previously.

So maybe the Sunshine on Leith at the West End…

I don’t know…I really don’t know. I try as much as possible things that I can.

How was living in Scotland and to try to be Scottish for Sunshine on Leith?

Amazing. I had a couple of sessions with the other to try the accent and after I stole as much as I could from people. Be surrounded by Scottish people was very helpful. And I stole a lot. So sometimes I still speak as a Scottish guy.

Have you already auditioned for Star Wars?

No. No.

But you loved to?

I loved to..I didn’t see the original so…Yap, maybe was better if I didn’t say this…I know..I shouldn’t say that. Anyway, it would be an amazing project to be a part.

George MacKay is one of the 5 Rising Stars Nominated at Bafta on Sunday February, 16. Good luck!


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