Ed Westwick

I’m Chuck Bass, even an European must know what that means.

For those like me who were born in the mid 80s Ed Westwick corresponds to the difficult and fascinating character of Chuck Bass from the acclaimed television series Gossip Girls.

Ed was born on June 27, 1987 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England as Edward Westwick.

Actor and musician, he has a band called The Filthy Youth but his dream work was to be a landscape gardening.

Last year he spent the summer in London, tragically for the death of his father, where I had the opportunity to meet him several times around the city.

When people ask me how  is Ed Westwick, the first words that usually come to me are: “As mad as a hatter”.

But there is much more in him.

He is really funny, kind and, occasionally, slightly eccentric apparel: he went to the Rolling Stones concert  in Hyde Park with a flowered shirt and a white hat. Or he walked to Trafalgar Square one afternoon, when I assure you, it was freezing cold with shorts,  black sweatshirt almost completely open with nothing underneath (because as he said his trademark is showing-a-bit-of-chest-hair thing) , brown loafers, sunglasses and hood over his head.

Last week, at RoboCop World Première I asked Bill Bailey (that worked with him and Felicity Jones in Chalet Girl) to describe Ed in three words.  He answered:

“Ed is really funny, he is impossible good looking, but you already know that right? And as I said he is so good and funny that you can’t not love him”.

This year we saw him in a whole new light. He was Juliet’s hot-tempered cousin, Tybalt in the new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s  Romeo & Juliet by Carlo Carlei.

Keep talking about Shakespeare and the movie that came out a few days ago on DVD.

Ed favorite Shakespeare’s plays are Richard III, Hamlet and Macbeth… just to stay on the bloody, but he is also a romantic.

When he found out that Romeo and Juliet was nearly to be cut from the curriculum in England, he said that he thought was quite tragic and he hoped that Carlei’s movie would bring it back because “we need to educate the children about the greatest romance and tragedy of all time”.

Even in a realty in which relationships are tragically altered by technology Ed Westwick continues to believe in love at first sight. And, speaking of finding the right person, no matter how long it takes.: it must be real and not through a screen.

He is a huge fan of the romantic movies Before SunriseBefore Sunset, and Before Midnight and Notting Hill but he loves also The Dark Knight.

His weakness? His neck…I don’t add anything else

On  the set of Romeo and Juliet , Ed has forced Douglas Booth to rehearse their fight scene at two o’clock in the morning.

About himself and Chuck Bass differences he said that when he was 17, he had certain characteristics of Chuck’s, but obviously the context was different. He didn’t come from the Upper East Side and he didn’t have the same desires. Oh, and he didn’t have a string of lovers. “I’m a good boy”.

Ed is involved in numerous projects.

We’ll see him in the Chinese thriller Last Flight (now in post-production), in the thriller A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island with Dianna Agron  and Minnie Driver (now in post- production).

He is currently filming in Los Angeles the comedy-thriller The Kitchen Sink that  will be out in the Usa on January 9, 2015 and in UK on January 30, 2015.

He will be probably opposite the British actress Vanessa Kirby in Bone in the Throat where he will play Tommy Pagano and Vanessa Kirby will play Sophie.

In an interview just before Christmas Ed said:

“London still has my heart, it’s where my family is. One day I will make the pilgrimage home”.

And we hope sooner than later.


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