About Time

After the heartfelt  TV movie Mary and Martha, Richard Curtis returns to the big screen with the comedy-drama  About Time.

about_time_xlgThe music of Nick Laird-Clowes and a London by candlelight, are the backdrop for a dramatic comedy where the mix of  pink and gray hues of life reminiscent  Love Actually.

The good and the bad of life are animated by a little magic that allows the construction of a plot never boring.

 Lake’s  family men have a special gift: they can travel back in time.

They have only to choose a dark place and to clench one’s fists thinking the exact point of their lives where they want to go.

Is this revelation the gift that Tim (Domhall Gleeson) receives from his father (Bill Nighy), the day of his 21st birthday.

Obviously, any change of event, involves a shift of the time axis and the change of other events.

So, for example, returning from one of his time travel, Tim finds himself holding in his arms a little boy instead of his beloved daughter.

He is forced to return once again to the past to tidy things up.

But there comes a time when life suddenly stops shifting the focus from the problems that we believe catastrophic  as the work of Tim’s wife, Mary (Rachel McAdams) ruined by his daughter;  to the real tragedies: the approach of death of Tim’s father.

Death is the only thing that time travel is not able to avoid.

Is in front of this catastrophe that Tim receives from his father the greatest revelation.

The pure  secret of happiness is not the ability to relive the days wrong to make them better, but is to live each day to the fullest; to live it in the best way already the first time. As if we had chosen to live it again.

About time on  DVD February 3, 2014


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