Max Irons

Max Irons: The New Romeo

Speaking about the new movie The Devil’s Harvest, actor Tam Hassan said that this story is like a new Romeo and Juliet version and I think that Max Irons has all the credentials to be the new Romeo.

Max Irons was born on October 17, 1985 in Camden, London, England as Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons.

It was September and I met him at the Southwark Playhouse where he has just finished the open night of Farragut North (

Shortly after the end of the performance he arrived at the theater bar. He stopped to take some pictures and sign some autographs and then approached the counter.

When you look at him you see exactly what Philippa Gregory was looking for in Edward.

Posed his character’s black suit and red tie, Max maintains that sense of aesthetic elegance, for us foreignes people “really British” that characterizes him: blacks jeans, shirt and three-quarter black coat.

An essential accessory: a backpack on his shoulders.

I offered him an interview for the following day as the theater is located 5 minutes on foot from my house but he, despite the fatigue, asked me to start to talk about the play immediately , if I was pleased to do it.

Only  one request: get out of the theater in order to finally have the possibility to light a cigarette.

That was the first of an extensive series of evening chats post Farragut North.

During the performances I have seen his confidence grow up to make the last performances almost flawless.

The first thing that strikes you about Max, except for the height, it is  his spontaneous smile.

To see him smile (as he slowly let slip away the tension accumulated during the show ) pointed out to me that I had in front of me one of those rare people with sparkling eyes.

The much more fun evening, however, was the one when after the show was scheduled a Q & A session.

I knew Max for a while then so I  prepared the perfect question for him.

The cast sat down and I raised my hand to ask the first question.

Max, in the play you are Stephen Bellamy. This character was brought on the big screen by Ryan Gosling.

The same  Ryan Gosling that magazine People nominated twice Sexy Man Alive. How did you deal with this?

In that moment was made the most beautiful scene I could ever have imagined.

He blushed, not a strange thing for him. He cleared his throat. He took the chair and the beer  placed on the floor and he pretended to be mad and to go away. Then he sat down again and he called the next question.

When he saw that no one in the theater had decided to go over … well he said :

“In the script it’s not written anywhere that Stephen is supposed to be sexy , he is just supposed to be smart…so…I’m perfect for the role” with his cheeky smile.

Talking about his character in Host he said: “Jared is very brave and loyal but I’m more romantic”

His dreamed job was to be an English teacher because he loves kids…but this is not exactly the kind of job that match with a dyslexia problem as he, and a lot of other English actors as Douglas Booth have.

As first thing in the morning he takes a shower (also because he is sleepwalk so often he finds himself dirt in the morning with leaves between his feet) singing and dancing  Monkees “Goin’Down”.

His ideal first date is relaxed and fun eating messy food.

His celebrity crush is Audrey Tautou. He fell in love with her when she did Amèlie and probably was then that he decided to be an actor.

He can do 3 Olympic pool lengths without breathing even if in his pocket you can always find the cigarettes.

If I had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe Max, after an arduous selection, I think they would be: funny, charming and kind.

But I think you could go on forever as I could write here pages and pages about him.

Max will be on the big screen  on September  14, 2014 in Posh with the other young Londoners Freddie Fox, Douglas Booth and Sam Claflin.

He has just finished filming The Devil’s Harvest  that we mentioned in the first lines with Samantha Barks (Eponine in Les Miserables).

His next project was supposed to be The Keys to the Streets with a screenplay by Christopher Nolan shot in Regent’s Park but last evening I heard that some actors have not had any news from the production for months so that it is not certain that it will see the light.

We will keep you update on our social!

He is blond-haired, grey –eyed, with a tanned, open, smiling face, rich with charm, easy with grace. This is a king as we have never seen before in England: this is a man that the people will love on sight”. – The White Queen


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