Meanwhile is growing the crazy waiting for the 2015 Valentine’s Day for “50 Shades of Grey” release;  this year February features two romantic love stories that can’t to be missed.

And, even if you are alone, you can always take with you to the movie two dear friends as “choco” and “late” (as Bridget Jones teaches ) … and maybe to find someone to share them with.

The first movie is “A New York Winter’s Tale” based on the novel by Mark Helprin. Unfortunately the UK has to wait until the 21st February but we will be at the London Première on February,13 and we’ll tell you in preview.

The second one is “Endless Love”, remake of Franco Zeffirelli‘s 1981 film of same name and second adaptation of Scott Spencer‘s novel. It will be out really on Valentine’s Day but unfortunately, even if the mean character is the British Alex Pettyfer, there will be première all around the world but not in the UK.

A New York Winter’s Tale

It is set in a mythic New York City and it’s spanning more than a century. It’s the story about Peter Lake (Colin Farrell), a master thief and Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay).

She is a dying girl who has tuberculosis and occupies one of the houses he breaks into and Peter has been marked for a much more violent death by his one-time mentor, the demonic Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). Peter desperately tries to save his one true love but what he needs is a miracle…and only time will tell if he can find one.

The film stars Colin Farrell (“Saving Mr. Banks”), Jessica Brown Findlay (“Downton Abbey”), Oscar winners Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe (together also in “A beautiful mind” and on March 2014 in “Noah”). Also in the cast: William Hurt (“Kiss of the Spider Woman”), Eva Marie Saint (“On the Waterfront”) and the two young newcomers Ripley Sobo and Mckayla Twiggs both from Broadway’s musical “Once” (in London at the Phoenix theatre).



Endless Love

The story of two young kids fall in love with each other. Jade (Gabriella Wide) is a privileged girl and David (Alex Pettyfer) is a charismatic boy. Their passion is too consuming for Jade parents so they try to stop them from seeing each other. When this doesn’t work David burns down the house and is sent away. But this doesn’t stop him from seeing her and when he gets out he goes to look for Jade. In the end the passion for his first love is too strong and she…

endless mare



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