Geography of the Heart: heart is a compass, guiding us to unknown destinations

In production since 2010, the film will see the light in 2014..maybe.

Born as Geography of the Heart, now Geography of the Hapless Heart (or in French Géographie du coeur malchanceux) is a movie divided into segments and set in different cities around the world.

There is a story for every city: Paris, New York, Sydney, London and Berlin.

Originally there should have been a segment filmed in Rome. For it had been approached Florentine director Marco Della Fonte that I met last summer but he said that after few meetings he has had no news of the project.

Despite this there is a plot for the Italian segment that, in any case, has not yet been shot.

Geography of the Hapless Heart explores that moment in love where two people are about to step into something more (or maybe step away from it). And the movie investigates the most common questions: what happens in that moment? What drives some towards love and others away from it?

In London, a young man (Matthew McNulty) is  walking home from work along the South Bank. He reflects over his relationship he had with this girl (Bonnie Wright) that he basically sabotaged because he feared losing control.

In Paris a notorious ageing artist, stars a relationship with a really young girl rather than face his own mortality.

In Rome, when a woman loses her family, she shuts down her heart to survive. But the pureness of a potential lover’s heart reveals to her a different life.

In New York, a successful man who finally has everything he’s ever dreamed and worked for throws everything away after a short moment of intimacy with a seemingly unremarkable stranger whose impact on his heart is like  a bolt from the blue.

In Sydney, a woman involved in a car accident finds intimacy and tenderness rather than wickedness and anger, and her defensive walls break down in few minutes.

In Berlin a man is divided between two women and a lot of guilt. He would rather be hated than loved so (he believes) everything would be easier.

The projects started in 2010 (the screenplay was written in 2008) and, at time, we only have the English segment trailer and the Dutch segment trailer.

62567_134682269911581_133781970001611_181228_5501664_nAlongside Matthew McNulty (Little Ashes) as Jamie and Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter) as Mia, the London story, called Sweat, is starring also Douglas Booth (Noah, Romeo and Juliet) as Sean and model Daisy Lowe as Zan. It is directs by David Allain.

In the Berlin fragment, are part of the cast with the director Alexandra Billington: Heike Makatsch (Love Actually) as Rachel, Barbara Focke (Aimée & Jaguar) as Felix’s Mother, Andra Kokott (Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation) as Eva, Hardy Schulz (Die Hitzewelle – Keiner kann entkomme) as Eva’s boyfriend, Clemens Schick (Casino Royale, Enemy at the Gates) as Felix, Hans-Michael Rehberg (Schindler’s List) as Hans and Jana Pallaske (Inglourious Basterds) as Anna.

Elena Anaya (Van Helsing, Talk to Her) as Angela and Jordi Mollà (Bad Boys II, Elizabeth: The Golden Age) as Rafael are the two main characters in the New York story

The French segment is starring Sylvie Testud (La Vie en Rose) as Sophie, Nicolas Giraud (Taken) as Louis, Daniel Duval (36) as Arthur (he passed away on 13th October after a long illness with other two movies now in post-production), Nicolas Cazalé (Le Grand Voyage) as Manu and Lesley Matt (One Night) as Violaine

The Facebook and the Wikipedia pages are no longer active. But is still on the Twitter page. The last tweet, however, dates back to November 14, 2013.

“Geography is more than location, it’s the places our hearts dwell … and distances we travel to find that place”.



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