Love without end: I have loved and been in love. There’s a big difference.

There is no movie buff who doesn’t t know the wonderful love story between Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

Theirs was perhaps one of the most passionate, but also troubled, stories that have ever consumed in the Hollywood Hills.

Now, we can relive this beautiful love story that has marked some of the greatest films in the history of American cinema, on the big screen.

It appears that the screenplay written by David Rambo, Katharine and Tracy has emerged the Permut Presentations interest.

According to rumors, the script starts from the 1941 on Woman of the Year set , the first film which saw the two stars play together and ends in 1967 with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner , the last film of the pair.

Spencer Tracy died shortly after .

The two have starred together in nine movies.

Theirs was a love story troubled and painful. Tracey never divorced from his wife and drowned his sorrows, regrets and guilt in alcohol.

It will obviously be crucial the choice of the two main characters and in this case it seems really, really hard to find the right couple of actors.

Who would you choose as  Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy ?

“This is a movie, you chowderhead, not a lifeboat!”  Spencer Tracy


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