Noah Première: when art sells itself out just to sell

As always after a première, we would like to tell you, directly through its protagonists voice, the last leg of  Noah Tour (here the review) that, starting from Mexico, it ended its journey in the London Leicester Square.

Unfortunately, in this case, it will not be so, except for Logan Lerman who spent few words about Noah as a different kind of blockbuster because it’s something you can really discuss outside the cinema; and the wonderful Patty Smith who spent a lot of time with us talking about her love for Italy and for the Pope as well as she said that this year will be a year off for her but that she hopes to still be invited to the Christmas Concert at the Vatican, for her the most important event each year.

There has been talk for months of the audience’s  reaction at the screening test and about the problems between the director  Aronofsky and Paramount about the final.

Well, now all it’s clear. Paramount has spent $ 125 million to produce Noah and,  after the screening test, it realized it would never be returned to that money.

It’s started this way the biggest marketing campaigns of recent years that continues to this day … in a nutshell, every existing vehicle to sell the film has been used and, apparently, it is a huge success.

If the setting of the London première deserves a round of applause … reconstruction of the ark and marine carpet with lots of rocks … what happened with the arrival of the cast is a whole different story.

With the exception of Logan Lerman, the rest of the cast (Douglas Booth, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone) with the addition of Aronofsky, showed a shocking professional behavior.

In spite of, with the exception of Russell Crowe, they have arrived well in advance, they have granted long interviews only to televisions with big visibility so be certain to buy a large chunk of potential paying spectators.

They not only refused to give interviews to other reporters but they have completely ignored their presence without even coming close to their locations.

They, ready to be brushed after every shot or after each autograph signed to be always perfect in the media the next day, obviously used the rest of the large time at their disposal  to act with delirious fans (the other good part of future paying spectators).

What most upsets is that this cast, with this film, it is loaded on his shoulders the task of passing an important message to the community … and then it prove to be a bit as those who went to the church to seek absolution before making a murder.

The Pope had tried to bring back to them a bit of lowliness that probably the flood took away from them by refusing to hearing Russell Crowe and leaving him to take the blessing as all the pilgrims from St. Peter’s Square (except in Italy the news has been cleverly hidden by Paramount or whoever for it) … but apparently the message has not been implemented.

There are also many tweets to thank the magnificent success at the box office … but let’s remember that we are talking about a movie whose posters are papering every bus stop, every bus, every subway station, .. not to mention the social network. In the past, this level of propaganda has convinced good people to turn into monsters, we want to believe that will not be convinced people to go to see a movie?!?!

In several reviews yesterday Noah’s movie has been called the story of a floating zoo … for sure accompanied by an excellent media circus.

Last week, in an interview for an Italian newspaper, Sundance‘s founder Robert Redford said: “Hollywood? There, the art, when there is it’s accidental. Anyway, absolutely incidental”. 

And Monday we saw it live.

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