The Amazing Spider-Man 2: London World Première

The excitement for the world première of the sequel dedicated to superhero comics has conquered the whole city, and I can’t deny, that all of us were particularly excited too.

In this case, the evening gave us reason because the London première of The Amazing Spider-man 2 (here the review)  was great; one of those evenings that had not been seen since the night of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, so to speak.

Not only in terms of scenery they made a great evening.Thanks also to the stratospheric attendance the evening was memorable.The beauty of the film obviously makes everything much easier. But the icing on the cake was the sympathy, the kindness and courtesy of the entire cast and crew.

Andrew Garfield in primis delighted us with a mini dance along with colleague Jamie Foxx; he accepted with kindliness a gift from a girl in the audience: a soft-toy cat Garfield who has kept company to him  for the entire evening and, in turn, he was surprised by a group of friends who introduced itself at the premiere with Spiderman masks.

During the evening we were able to talk with the director Mark Webb, Elctro Jamie Foxx, producer Matthew Tolmach, the amazing Emma Stone and Spiderman himself Andrew Garfield.

Mark Webb, director

This is the world premiere. How is it to be here?

It’s fantastic, everything is wonderful and the atmosphere is really enjoyable.

In the comics Spiderman is a superhero yes, but he is also a funny guy. How did you deal  with this?

Well, this is the fortune to work with a guy like Andrew (Garfield, en) and also with Emma (Stone, en). They are  extraordinarily funny so it was very simple.


Jamie Foxx, Electro

How is this young boy with you?

He is my Oscar, probably the only one I’ll ever have in my hands. No, his name is Oscar and he is the son of the man who dressed me tonight with this amazing outfit.

How does it feel to be part of the Marvel world?

It’ s like stepping into a big family, in a dream world: everything is extraordinary.

And working with Andrew?

Andrew is fantastic, he is really funny, a great actor and his character has weight so it’s more simple if you work with an actor with a good weight too.

How crazy can you go as villain?

Oh, I have no limits. We tried to make sure that in the movie also Electro found its weight.


Matthew Tolmach, producer

What has changed from the first chapter?

Bigger, more things inside the plot. I mean the first was about becoming Spider-man, this is about BE Spider-man and wow, this is a big deal along a lot of bad things coming for Peter Parker and with a love life to deal too.

Have you tried to reach a specific type of audience, or not?

There is everything in this movie: fun, action, romance … No, it really is one of the few films for everybody. Look around, here, in the audience….there are all types of audience. My mom cares about this story, my 7-years old son cares…everybody cares about Spider-man destiny.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker

Do you like spiders because I’m terrified by them.

A: Yes, I’m one of them…see…I make you afraid?

No, absolutely not.

A: Well, see. So, don’t worryand get over it because spiders are our friends.

E: I’m not that scared. I don’t like them, I don’t wanna see one, but I’ll be ok.

So Andrew is ok?

E: Yes, he is ok. I can stand him.

If you are going to be bitten by an animal and then take its power on…what would you do?

E: I’d probably be a bird, a black bird and fly everywhere

A: A bird. An eagle. I’d like to be bitten by an eagle and fly around the world, and s**t on bad people. I can’t say the S word, can I? I just said it, it happened.

And, at the end of the evening we met also this amazing trio…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on April 16


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