London Independent Film Festival 2014

It took place from April 10th to April 21st  the 11th edition of the LIFF (London Independent Film Festival).

Divided into eight days, at the Shortwave Cinema Bar Café in Bermondsey Square, were screened 14 movies (two documentaries, five drama, three comedies, a sci-fi movie, one thriller, one supernatural-horror and a comedy horror); 22 music videos, 63 shorts of which 7 were Sci-Fi shorts, 7 were Experimental shorts and 7 were Horror shorts.

The winners were:

Best Film (UK): The Great Elephant Walk by Jack Wylson & James Dartnall

Best Film (International): Time Lapse by  Bradley King & BP Cooper (

Best Director: Nick Pilton for Interference

Best Comedy Film:  One Night in Powder by Jason Attar

Best Horror Feature:  Judas Ghost by Simon Pearce

Best Documentary (UK):  Drowned City by Faith Millin

Best No-Budget Feature: How to become a Criminal Mastermind by Henry Scriven

Best Micro-Budget Film: One Night in Powder by Jason Attar

Best Actor/Actress: Danielle Panabaker for Time Lapse

Best Short Film (UK): Date Night by Reggie Yates

Audience Award for Best Short Film: The Window by Adam Morse

Best Short Film (International): Bye-Bye Star-Fizz by Charline Branger

Best Short Documentary: Portrait of Billie by Jane Mingay

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Short Film: Left Hand Billy In The Second Solution by Gabriele Zuccarini

Best Music Video (UK): Anarchy in the UK by Ed Edwards

Best Music Video (International): Violence Done Well by Maida Hals 

Best LGBT Film:  Cat Sitting by Wollie Boehm

Best Short Short: Handuken by Chris Chung

Best Animated Short: Video Shop by Raymond Butler

Best Experimental Short: Some Entropy In Your Tea  by Alexandra Anikina

Best Screenplay (International): Raymond Just for The Crimson Confession

Best Screenplay (UK): Robert Kerr for The Republic of Frestonia

Best Short Screenplay: Melina von Hünefeld for Matryoshka

Best Screenplay Pitch: Rangula Assad for Mint Tea


We saw for you the great horror short FARE with Romeo and Juliet movie star Christian Cooke and the amazing movie 50 Kisses.
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Simon Pearce winner for Best Horror Movie Judas Ghost



Chris Chung winner for Best Short Handunken


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