Life at these speeds production will start in autumn

After a first stop due to lack of budget, it seems that finally the production of the film based on the novel written by Jeremy Jackson is ready to come to life.

The movie is written by Marc Novak, directed by Leif Tilden and  produced by Tom Butterfield and Scott Alvarez.

Content has added  Life at These Speeds to its sales slate, and will introduce the film to buyers at Cannes.

The film which starts production this fall, features Douglas Booth (Posh), Billy Crudup (Public Enemies), AnnaSophia Robb ( Bridge To Terabithia) and Sam Rockwell (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford). At first, now not yet confirmed, also the presence of Aime Teegarden (Friday Night Lights).

Kevin Schuler (Booth) is popular, has a wonderful girlfriend, Ellie (Aime Teegarden ?) and is the faster runner on his tiny school’s track team. At a track meet, on a cool March night, he anchors a winning relay, trades insults with a rival and lets another boy run in his stead in his best event: the 800-meter run. Everything works out for Kevin, perhaps it always has. But, after the meet, as Kevin runs home with his parents in his car, the van carrying his team mates crashs on a bridge and everyone onboard is killed. In an istant, Kevin’s world collapse. The classmates he grew up with are gone and the grief lodge deep within, numbing him. Even his memories of his friends are lost. He barely recognizes their names. Something else changes too. After the accident, Kevin emerges as a phenomenal runner. At his new school, he begins breaking records in track and cross-country. His speed is seemingly effortless. He can’t be beaten. He’s perfect. On the inside, thought, he is still struggling. New friends help Kevin. The beautiful and brilliant editor of the school newspaper Andanda takes a shine to him. His best friend is a popular and talented running back. And Kevin grows fond of an intuitive and sensitive girl named Henny (AnnaSophia Robb). Slowly Kevin begins to remember his lost team-mates but his mind remains unsettled. During his senior year, still tortured by nightmares, Keving begins wrestling by unanswerable questions: will running help him heal? Or is his fame too great a distraction? Does physical grace inform the heart? Or is the solitude of running another way to disconnect from the world? And when he finally starts to feel like himself again, another terrible tragedy enters his life…

And, while you wait to see this wonderful story to the screen, get lost in the pages of this wonderful novel.

“I was popular, funny and friendly when appropiate. I was an egomaniac, but I didn’t know it. Being an egomaniac didn’t bother me”.



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