FTV de Montecarlo: 15 minutes with the cast of Chicago Med

After the screening of  the pilot at the Festival de la Télévision de Montecarlo Opening Night; we met three of the main actors of the third Chicago brand series Chicago MedColin Donnell, Brian Tee and Torrey DeVitto.

“This series, Chicago Med, explores a mix of reality and each actor tries to put reality in this show every single day. We never received a call from a lawyer saying we were doing something wrong.” said Donnell about Chicago Med.

But, in a year full of tv series about superheroes, who are their personal superheroes?

“I think the heroes of today are the service people. Like the policemen from the P.D., the firemen, the medical professionals, the teachers,…We are blessed to have the chance to tell them story with integrity” said Brian Tee.

“It’s incredible how these heroes spend their life with dedication to the others…not what we do, because we are actors…just play pretending…but being surrounded by these people who actually not for financial reasons but because they feel a calling in their life to help people…it’s a honour to be around them” said Donnell.

“That’s why it is important that we do all very truthfully, because we represent these people. I think people, the audience ones, love to watch the show because it humanises everybody heroes, showing that they are actually normal people going through their personal problems. Because saving lives doesn’t mean they don’t have the same everyday crap of anyone else. We show that too and I think it’s what people want to see. And this show is a 50/50 split between doctors and patients storylines” said Torrey DeVitto.

But how they prepare for a so challenging role?

“We did a lot to be prepared. Before starting we had like a week together where we went through medical boot camping. It was like…” started Donnell.

“It was at the medical centre where actually medical students train…” continued  DeVitto.

“Yeah. There are like simulation E.R. there. It was fun. I mean, we went to the basics of everything. We can’t actually save people lives but…”

“…but it was great because for example we had like fake arms with fake blood inside, so when we tried to do a taking we saw exactly what was coming out, or not coming out at all; we had bodies to try to do compressions and they were literally breathing…and when you did something wrong they were stopping breathing and they were…dead.”

For sure a lot of learning for our three pretending doctors, so, what they thing now about sickness? Are they more frightened than before?

“Well, no…at least not really more frightened, let me say more aware. I’m surely not more frightened about sickness but I’m definitely more aware of freak accidents” said DeVitto.

“You know what it?s really interesting?!?!” asked Tee “That be on this side, playing the doctor, you learn more about particular situations…and I feel like, as we said, this is why people like this show. Because…like…when you go to the hospital, talking to the doctor; if it’s a very dramatic situation, this doctor is gonna save your life and you don’t know anything about this human being at all…you don’t know his life, you don’t know his story…but you know that he has these skills to save your life.”


Chicago Med will return  on September 22nd on NBC  for the 2nd season.


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