FTV de Monte Carlo: 15 minutes with Aquarius and GoT star Gethin Anthony

We know Gethin Anthony as Renly Baratheon from worldwide Game of Thrones but now, the English boy is the huge star of the new series Aquarius starring also X-Files beau David Duchovny. We met him at the Festival de la Télévision de Monte Carlo and it was like travelling to England again for both of us.

“It’s funny because usually I just know my storyline and then, watching the product I always discover that there are a lot of other interesting stuffs going on around, I’m always amazed by this. And I really love to be challenging so I love the opportunities this work gives me. I think you must always emphasise with your characters. Even if he does something you think it’s wrong or unjustifiable or unthinkable. It’s just a job of the writer to make sure that your character actions are right for the story. Anyway Charles is far far away from me and he spent most of his life in prison while I was so lucky to have a mum who really educated me well. There is a lovely show in the UK called Call the Midwife that is about women giving birth in the ’50s. When I was cast for an episode (season 3 episode 07 as George Saint, ed), I thought she’d be really pleased but actually she is pleased every time and she really understand the challenge of my work, she is always very supportive”.

In the past Anthony has been a drama assistant and he participated at one of the scary 24 hours at the Old Vic (read here about the last one in 2013). How these experiences are reflecting on his present?

“Oh, this is a really good question. I think as I was a drama assistant in school but I also did a drama club in the week-ends with the 16-year old teens…and oh, the 24 hours week-end was really funny…that was a really wonderful week-end. Coming back to the kids I think you have to really believe in what you’re doing, otherwise they are not going to buy it. I don’t know… for example, in the Gobling Queen you have to get the amulet. They will do it but if you change the rules because you don’t remember where you said at first the amulet was or if it doesn’t make sense, they come back to you immediately saying no, no, you said it was over there, how can now be there?!?! It’s really great for actors because they always make you remember that you have to believe in what you’re doing and if you don’t the audience will say no,no, he changes the rules, as well”.

Anthony also won a scholarship with beloved Alan Rickman. Which are his best memories about him?

“I’m really grateful to him. He actively supported young actors…beyond…so much more beyond the call of duty. He helped me out and he was  a really generous man. He always put money and time in this passion. He was really supportive and I learned so much”.

Anthony draws a lot with crayons and he listens to music…lately he is back to the ’60s with the Beatles.

“Music is a big part of the show. In London, when I did a play as teenager I was 25 already and I was playing a 17-year old…in that period I got really enchanted by the new teen music”.


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