Cinema Made in Italy: Irene Dionisio, Pawn Streets (Le Ultime Cose)

Set in the almost Dickensian confines of a modern Pawnbrokers, Le Ultime Cose depicts the lives of several different characters who are all variously forced by personal circumstances and lack of any public help into pawnbrokers to part with precious things. Also as a clever contrast it plots the initiation of an enthusiastic, honest and dedicated new employee who gradually realizes that his fellow workers and superiors are not, shall we say, as scrupulously fair as he tries to be  with their clients… [Adrian Wootton]

Director and screenplay: Irene Dionisio

Cast: Fabrizio Falco, Roberto De Francesco, Alfonso Santagata, Salvatore Cantalupo

Listen the full interview with screenwriter and director Irene Dionisio here.


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