You Won’t Be Sponsored by Subway, Subway Will Be Sponsored by You: MAINSTREAM

Once again, seven years after Palo Alto, Gia Coppola brings to the big screen a disaffected generation, the new TikTokers/influencers/YouTubers…social addicted.

Mainstream is a satire of social media superstars; luckily it was before the unexplained success of Khaby Lame.

Frankie (Maya Hawke, Stranger Things) is an aspiring artist who spends her days making videos for her few YouTube followers.
When Frankie meets Link (Andrew Garfield, Angels in America, The Amazing Spiderman) after filming him while he is wearing a mouse costume handing out cheese samples, something suddenly changes, making her hobby something more; and soon, something dangerous…with the aim to show how bad this social addiction could be. Link is a very anti-cellphone guy who seems to live on a chair by a motel-pool who becomes, besides coming from money, an internet/social star, under the ironic name of No One Special.
Frankie and Link become what they hate because, as often happens, what we hate is exactly what we want to be.

Mainstream is a masterpiece of style, filling the screen with emoji, pop-up ads, and blurry swaths of pixels; and music by British composer Demonté Hynes plays a key role. Unfortunately, the real message that should pass here it’s hard to catch the target audience’s eye. But Andrew Garfield is outstanding, being the perfect most obnoxious character in cinema history and giving this movie a chance to be seen till the end credits.

Mainstream, out May 7th


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