A bloody night in London: Only Lovers Left Alive preview screening

A bloody night in London: Only Lovers Left Alive preview screening

Big night yesterday, February 6, in London for the “Only Lovers Left Alive” preview screening with the director Jim Jarmusch.

After the customary thanks , Jarmusch gave vent to the same humor that is easy to perceive in his films.

“I love London. I have a lot friends here, but they are away every time I’m in London. I don’t know why…or maybe yes, I know why”.

“I went to see Coriolanus the other evening. J*** it’s gorgeous. And Tom [Hiddleston, Ed] is really good. Damn, he can really act. I didn’t notice it before”.

After the screening the audience joined the soundtrack bands and Jarmusch’s band  at “Heaven”  for the afterparty with Kate Moss as surprise guest.

At “Heaven”, or as the director said, “in Heaven” the atmosphere was surreal as in the movie.

 Waiters dressed as doctors gave their welcome with shots called “taste of blood”.  And just after the entrance, there was the Adam’s [the main character] room replica.

Some of the guests, in the spirit of the evening, were dressed in leather jackets and strictly blacks sunglasses to evoke the characters.

It remains to understand what  must have thought Kate Moss (married to rocker Jamie Hince) when, in the film, after having fed her body with a young boy’s blood , the youngest vampire tells her sister “I feel sick”  and on the other hand her sister answers: “Are you surprise? He works for the f***ing music industry”.


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