Cavemen: love is a perfect moment that never ends

Cavemen is a low budget and even lower-impact movie by writer and director Herschel Faber.

The mean character is American Tv Star Skylar Astin.

Astin plays in TBS sitcom Ground Floor and  like in the movie, he is a bland, morose young man’s search for love.

But if the TV show, which has recently completed its first season, makes fine use of his limited skills, in the movie you want just to slap him.

Dean (Astin) and his three unemployed male roommates live in a loft aka The Cave (like the one in which Glee characters Rachel and Kurt live in New York in a similar situation) in Los Angeles.

They are all aspiring artists: actors, songwriters, directors.

The only one who really matters besides Dean (the aspiring screenwriter) is the bartender Jay (Chad Michael Murray), a cloyingly narcissistic ladies man who brags endlessly about his numerous conquests. Others two mean characters Pete (Kenny Wormald, Footloose) and Andre (Dayo Okeniyi, Hunger Games) are easily forgettable as actors performances.

If Dean believes in real love, his roommates view women as sex objects.

The women themselves in this case are as shallow and unappealing as the men.

The only exception is Tess (Camilla Belle).  She is the perfect girlfriend candidate but of course, she and Dean are just best friends.

They spend late-night calls discussing a Dating Game reality show in which Dean seeks inspiration for his “great” script, they spend evenings to take care of Dean’s nephew when the single mother has to spend the evening out.

But Dean refuses to cross the friendship line even if they know to feel something for each other. And despite the imaginary writer-voice in his head (that he hears as the tube station announcer’s voice) suggestions.

When Tess falls to Jay’s advances, and Dean out of spite takes up with wild Kat (Alexis Knapp), something went wrong between them.

The script keeps inventing predictable obstacles in the way of Dean and Tess’ inevitable romantic relationship but what Cavemen strapped for are good dialogues.

Feeble tries to use catchphrases but the outcome is quite embarrassing.

Cavemen was released in USA on February 7 after a preview screening on October 26 at the Austin Film Festival.

There are no other dates or countries released information.

“We shared a perfect moment. I knew that and she knew that. For a moment I thought that I loved her. The moment passed as quick as it arrived and I understood that: I didn’t love the girl. I loved the moment.[….] With Hanna I realized that every moment I had with her was perfect. Because I loved her. And I realized that love is the perfect moment that never ends”.


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