Josh Cooley: cinema and talent in the service of children.

Josh Cooley: when the passion goes beyond imagination and becomes film education

Josh Cooley has been a storyboard artist and voice at Pixar for over a decade. His filmography includes work as Cars, Cars 2, Up (where he is also Omega voice), Ratatouille.

But, in his free time, he used his talents to release a series of amazing illustrations of famous R-rated film scenes.

Now they became a children’s book: Movies R Fun!: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephile.

Cooley recreated some iconic scenes from intense movie such as Alien, The Silence of the LambsRosemary’s Baby, The Shining that we only wish we could share with kids and he crafted them into kid-friendly works of art.

Each picture is accompanied by a significant quote from the movie represented.

On February 22nd the book will be launched in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 (here the trailer).

The book will be released on March 1st.

01-Pulp-Fiction1 02-Predator1 03-Fight-Club1 05-Alien1 06-Jaws-650x444 07-Drive-650x444 09-Road-Warrior-650x444 10-The-Big-Lebowski-650x502 12-A-Clockwork-Orange-650x502 13-Chinatown-650x502 14-Goodfellas-650x502 16-The-Godfather-650x502 17-Terminator-2-650x502 18-Rosemary039s-Baby-650x502 19-The-Graduate-650x502 20-Leon-The-Professional-650x502 21-The-Godfather-II-650x502 22-The-Shining-650x502 23-Silence-of-the-Lambs-650x502 25-Seven-650x502 27-Psycho-650x444 28-Fargo-650x502 29-No-Country-For-Old-Men-650x444 30-Die-Hard-650x444 31-Donny-Darko-650x444


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