Lost on Purpose: a brilliant life-style story

It’s quite easy to understand that the budget available for Lost on Purpose (trailer here) was limited.

Maybe it’s because I worked as a screenwriter on a film that had perhaps even less resources than this, and I think you can feel the hard work and sacrifices on your skin when something similar comes to you.

But I’m sure that, despite the influence of my personal experience in being able to have a theatrical release with a film born in certain conditions (but also the satisfaction in make it real), Lost on Purpose really deserves big attention.

Also because, the incredible cast and a really great script cover perfectly the gaps by the lack of money.

Lost on Purpose tells the story of a dairy farm in the San Joaquin Valley.

It’s the story around its owner, Elizabeth James aka Ms. Liz and the five boys who run it.

When the farm reports its 3rd deficit year, Ms Liz has to defend her propriety with tooth and nails against Delbert Furgeson, the owner of the area’s largest co-operative.

While she is fighting her battle, also her boys are forced to face their life outside the farm (a shell in which to feel safe) and face their breaking point.

MV5BMjE0NzA4ODQyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDMzNzczOQ@@._V1__SX1305_SY572_Randel and Rooker Lee are brothers, the first one is a troubles maker while the second one is caught in a difficult relationship. They both are caught in the crossfire of their parents’ separation with their mother in competition with the husband’s new and really young girlfriend.

Leslie Williams and Jackie Remmington are aspiring musicians, looking for their own success.

Also Wade Kitchanski is looking for his own path far from the family paint business.

All main characters,  introduced in few minutes just after the start, catch immediately the attention of the audience.

Both written and directed by brothers Ian and Eshom Nelms, this movie has the ability to make the audience laugh, but at the same time to communicate a deep message with a sophisticated and really good story.

As I said, the cast is brilliant.

Jane Kaczmarek (three-time Golden Globe and seven-time Emmy Award nominee) is Ms. Liz, the pride and the energy of her character are show with elegance in a remarkable performance.

C. Thomas Howell portrays Jackie Remmington, the main antagonist character; he completes Kaczmarek’s character.

Tom FugediPeter Donovan (also great soundtrack’s editor) and Michael Lawson (Letter from Iwo Jima, American Pie Band Camp) are Leslie Williams, Jackie Remmington, and Wade Kitchanski respectively. They are excellent in their individual roles and when they play the team effort together are perfection.

Aaron Hill (Transformers, Glee) is the problem guy with the nervous temperament. He will learn that in life  not everything isMV5BMjAzODU3NTkwMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTMzNzczOQ@@._V1__SX1305_SY615_ black or white but that there are some shades and people need to be known before to be label.

Bafta, Oscar and Golden Globe’s winner Octavia Spencer (The Help) gives a lovely refreshing moment to the movie.

The film got a magical touch with the outstanding performance of James Lafferty (One Tree Hill, S. Darko, our latest news about him here). He is the sensible Rooker but he is also the voice over that tells the story.

Most of independent movies begin their journey at festivals and Lost on Purpose has already won as Feature Film at the ReelHeART International Film Festival and as DIRECTOR as INDEPENDENT ARTIST AWARD at the NuHo Online Film Festival (here the reasons gave by the jury).

The master’s touch that makes this film a must see it’s not just the story about to find your own path but, as the title says, it’s a story about purpose, in a realistic and precise way: to find what you believe in, to hold it and after to fight for protect it because, at the end, it’s all you have.

I hope that Lost on Purpose can find its way into theaters because it is a movie that people deserve the right to see.

“A dairy farm isn’t a job, it’s a life-style. When you work and live in the same place pretty soon you start call them home and those people you’re working with, they become your family” Rooker


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