Eddie Redmayne: I’m the bad guy

Director Josh Trank has his Fantastic Four, so it’s time to think about the movie’s villain:Dr. Doom.

And we know, sometimes, the villain can steal the scene, the name Loki says nothing to you?

Well, four rising stars remain on the short-list for Dr. Doom, all of whom have accents and they are all in their early 30s: Domhnall Gleeson (About Time), Toby Kebbell (Wrath of the Titans), Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables) and Sam Riley (On the Road).
One of them is expected to antagonize superheroes Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller, Cavemen), the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), the Invisible Woman (Kate Mara) and the Thing (Jamie Bell).

Redmayne is the most-famous of the four in the short list after his role as Marius in the highly successful movie Les Misérables last year and with two important movies as Jupiter Ascending (alongside Douglas Booth, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum) and The Theory of Everything (alongside Felicity Jones) coming out this year.

Eddie was also seen at 20th Century Fox on 31st January so maybe he auditioned for the role.

In the two past movies, Dr. Doom was played by TV actor Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) but producer Matthew Vaughn and director Josh Trank have been doing everything in their power to distance their Fantastic Four from the earlier films.

Filming on The Fantastic Four is expected to begin in Baton Rouge this month, so expect the role to be locked really soon.

The Fantastic Four is set for release on June 19, 2015.


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