Standing Ovation for Eddie Redmayne and The Theory of Everything at TIFF

The Theory of Everything is the inspirational biopic about the story of the great British physicist Stephen Hawking (a superb Eddie Redmayne) and his life marked by a motor neuron disease. By his side, his first wife (the stunning and wonderful Felicity Jones) and her incredible but tireless devotion to him for 25 years of marriage, until their divorce.

After a fast prolugue, Stephen (after about half an hour of movie) head hits the ground and he discovers his disease. He has MND, a disease related to ALS and he knows that he will live for only two years at most.

Stephen falls in love with the bravely Jane, even if she represents in different ways, his opposite: she is a student of foreign languages and a member of the Church of England.

Jane is determined to help her husband and, against all odds, the two years of life become more and more (Stephen is now 72) with 3 children and 25 years of marriage.

The Theory of Everything value is to show to the audience wht it really means to be a long-suffering wife, without ever becoming banal or, even more dangerously, honeyed.

The main actors, an Eddie Redmayne who says he can already afford to feel smell of Oscar and a terrific Felicity Jones are the pivots of the story written by Anthony McCarten and directed by James Marsh.

Also the great secondary cast, from Emily Watson as Jane’s mother and Charlie Cox as the charming Jonathan, Jane’s closest friend and church choirmaster, is a necessary foundation for the movie.

The Theory of Everything will be in US cinemas on November 7th and in UK cinemas on January 1st



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