Max Irons and The Riot Club inflame Toronto

After the romantic One Day, Lone Scherfig arrives at the Toronto International Film Festival ready to impress the audience with the appetizing The Riot Club (watch the trailer).

Based on Laura Wade play Posh, the movie tells the story of the young Oxford members of an elite student dining society. As the movie’s poster says they are not just student, they are filthy, rich, spoilt and rotten.

Sexiest and vulgar speeches; antics reserved for new initiates to the brotherhood; watch the clip where Alistair (Sam Claflin) gets blindfolded and forced by Harry (Douglas Booth) to drink a really particularly “laced ” glass of wine.

Here, though, that after a preamble of superficiality, in the long central sequence, came the turning point. The group of young dissolute students turns into something else, something dangerous, something difficult to decipher and, especially, to handle.

As is usal for Lone Scherfig, also in this case, the narrative tone doesn’t reach to the heart and the soul of the story. The story leaves, in the pre-final, space for an accommodating conclusion. To redeem it, thankfully, comes a final scene ready to throw a new and ambiguous light on The Riot Club.

Icing on the cake, for sure, a first class cast of young British rising stars:

Sam Claflin, a real and great revelation in the role of the suave and cruel Alistair.

Lovely and terrific, as always, the marvellous Max Irons (here our portrait) as Miles, Alistair opponent. Kind and amenable, Miles finds himself unwittingly involved in something bigger than him with no way out.

In the supporting cast, Freddie Fox as James, Josh O’Connor (last year on stage at the Southwark Playhouse in Farragut North, read here our review,  alongside Max Irons) as Ed and Sam Reid (soon in Despite the Falling Snow, read our preview) as Hugo.

Sickly also Holliday Grainger (also in the horror short Goblin? , watch here the movie so you can donate at the British Lung Foundation, alongside David Oakes) as Lauren, Miles love interest.

An absolutely must see.



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