He is a good boy, he is a criminal: BYPASS

Duane Hopkins ByPass is a movie about a world so far from the one we’re used to see on screen to seem almost unreal.

ByPass is a story about youth, but not the happy-green British youth; this movie is about the other youth, the marginalized one.

Tim (talented rising star George MacKay, Private Peaceful, Pride, Sunshine on Leith) descends from a family of foundry workers. Now that the foundries have closed, his mother is dead, his father abandoned them and his older brother Greg (Benjamin Dilloway, Jess/Jim) is paying his debt with the justice, is Tim the man of the house who have to take care of his younger sister.

Everything becomes harder when Tim found that he had been struck by a fatal infection (leukemia?) giving him headaches, fits, vomiting and fainting. To make the situation even more complex and Tim‘s life even harder, will be the news of the pregnancy of his girlfriend Lilly (Charlotte Spencer, Wild Bill).

The movie is characterized by out of focus slowmotions, especially on holding hands and wheels in motion.

Minute after minute, it seems that for Tim and Greg, a hard life can only get worse. Instead, the birth of this child, gives Tim a chance to start over.

Particularly noteworthy is the interpretation of George MacKay. Tim is a character completely different from George’s previews ones; especially physically. Tim’s body is marked by the disease, by increasingly frequent seizures, by fatigue and liability. In all these aspects, but not only, George MacKay’s interpretation is absolutely flawless and, after ByPass, we are ready to declare that, at least for us, who until last year was a Rising Star, is now one of the most young British Shining Star.

Read our Duane Hopkins interview and watch our YouTube canal to see the entire live from the red carpet.


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