We are the last survivors: REMEMBER

Zev Guttman (an incredible Christopher Palmer)  is a 90-year-old widower falling prey with dementia. He lives in a nursing home with Max (Martin Landau). The both are Auschwitz survivor, the five numbers on their left forearms are there to remember it every time they want to forget.

Zev escaped from Germany to the United States at the end of war but now that he’s approaching to the end of his life, and the love of his life is gone, he has one thing left to do before the final goodbye.

Something he promised to Max: escape from the nursing home with Max’s list of addresses and find the SS officer who evaded justice by emigrating under the name of Rudy Kurlander, one of his victim at Auschwitz.

Zev’s plan is to visit each address from the nearest one to the on most far away one around USA and Canada, find the officer and execute him.

He crossed paths of many different Rudy Kurlander till when he finds what he is looking for..but, obviously, what he discovers at the end is something really different from what he (and the audience with him) was looking for.

He discovers a tremendous truth that make Remember the most appealing Egoyan’s movie from Exotica, even if this film, despite Plummer’s outstanding performance, is still far away from a movie that deserves to be remember. This happens especially for the use of a delicate territory as the Auschwitz survivals and a hard disease as dementia combined for a cheap plot.

“A Jew shouldn’t play Wagner”


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