Let him go: THE WAIT

Juliette Binoche in Sicilian Pietro Messina’s movie The Wait is a grieving mother who can’t bring herself to tell her son’s French girlfriend that he’s died (here the link to the Festival screening).

Anna (Binoche) lives in an enormous villa her Italian husband left to her in the shadow of Etna volcano. The movie starts with her twentyish son Giuseppe’s funeral. Anna is grieving in her house when a landline call announces the arrival of someone she doesn’t know: Giuseppe‘s French girlfriend Jeanne ( a wonderful Lou de Laage).

Whe she arrives for the Easter holidays, Anna is unable to tell her the truth because if she can keep Giuseppe alive, even if for just one person, then he’s not completely gone yet, and she can finally stop to deal with the grief.

The third character in this lost paradise far away from the small town where all know about Giuseppe’s death, is his mobile phone. It is used by Jeanne as confessional and by Anne as a way to get to know more about the young lovers relationship by listening to Jeanne’s messages.. until Easter’s Day: the day of the son-s resurrection in Christian religion, when everything change.

In the cast also Giorgio Colangeli as Pietro, as usual a great presence on screen;  Antonio Folletto, recently in Italian very successful mini-series Sotto Copertura and Domenico Diele who in few minutes leaves a great mark on screen.

Marco Bellocchio’s master regular production designer Marco Dentici sets the best location you can imagine for a story that arrives straight to the heart.


“Let him go. He’ll live his life… fall in love…maybe with another girl”

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