Supergirl’s Heartthrob Broadway star Jeremy Jordan lands on BETH AND CHARLY premiering on April 27th

Beth And Charly (here the trailer) is a new comedy web series directed by Italian Paolo Monico (The Mother, 4 Single Fathers) and  starring Shauna Goodgold (Love Story) and Elizabeth Seldin (Solitude). In the cast also Tony Nominated Jeremy Jordan (The Last Five Years, Smash, Bonnie and Clyde on Broadway), Stephen Friedrich (Mr.Robot) and Andrew Chappelle (Mamma Mia on Broadway, Hamilton) along with a number of fresh new performers.

The story follows the life of a struggling ex-child Disney star Charly (Goodgold) and her loyal friend, underappciate assistant Beth (Seldin) on their hard coming-back path to fame with a new Indie movie. Together they navigate the drama of daytime TV interviews, selfie obsessed fans, flirtatious co-stars, and the makings of kombucha amidst Charly’s insecure breakdowns.

Shauna Goodgold confessed that she wrote this story partly from fantasy and partly from the reality of her life: “My mother was a child actress and spent her early teen years singing and writing with Barry Manilow, so I guess it rubbed off.”

Goodgold’s co-writer and co-star Elizabeth Seldin said about Beth and Charly: “The ill at ease beauty and humor of the relationship between Beth and Charlie is that they desperately need each other, yet secretly yearn to live their own separate lives. A classic co-dependency scenario. The heart of the show lies in the question, what do you do when one person is your only person?”

[highlight ]It was announced yesterday in New York that the series will premiere in April 2016; the six-episode season will be released weekly and will premiere April 27th at 7pm (EST) at the popular event space Beautique located at 8W, 58th St at 5th Ave ([/highlight]


Stay updated following Beth and Charly website ( and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (





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