FTV de Montecarlo: 10 minutes with Jack Falahee – HTGAWM’s Connor

Jack Falahee, better known as HTGAWM (How to Get Away with Murder) Connor, arrives in Monaco few days after the end of Mercy Street second season shooting and without his faithful dog Banjo, who Jack left reluctantly with his parents.

We met Jack few weeks before the huge Italian scandal about HTGAWM. Italian channel Rai2 aired the first three episodes of the first season on Friday 8th July but, for not clear reasons they cut about 10 seconds of the episode. Nothing scandalous if it were not for the fact that the scene we are talking about is the first intimate scene between Connor and Oliver indeed. Immediate the audience reaction who, having already watched the series in the original language or in Italian on Sky, immediately realized the cut. The thousands of twitters published made Rai2 to publish an apology statement and to air again the full three episodes just few days before the cast started to film the 3rd season.

After the photo-call, Jack arrives to the zone reserved to the ABC Tour interviews with his impeccable style; this time thanks to a red and black stripes suit by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

“My first meeting was with Peter (Nowalk, ed), who created the show. I remember that  we shot the pilot in Philadelphia and we used that time to know each other and we talked a lot about my character…Yeah, it seems long long time ago. I was fond of Connor when we finished the pilot reading. Connor is frivolous, a little bit selfish and he will do anything it takes to get ahead. I saw a little bit of myself in him, but I saw a little bit of people I know in him more. I’m not as confident as he is. That part is acting. I think we should practice everyday a little bit to try to be more confident. I think I learnt a lot from Connor”.

Talking about Viola Davis, Jack said:

“She is a role model. I remember seeing her on Broadway in Fences (2010, ed) alongside Denzel Washington. Then, three years later, being at her same table reading a script and hanging out…I just wanted to pitch myself. She refuses all these attentions, she listens to everyone always looking for the best possible result”.

Connor, obviously, is the easier character to define. How is possible to make him something more in the eyes of the audience?

“With the writing. The writers did a really great job defying him more than just the “gay guy”. I mean, I think this is the interesting thing about this character; people love the show because the characters are complicated, they have different shades and complexes. Another important thing is that when Peter created the show, the writes created yes a gay man but a gay man who is not stereotyped as often we see on television. Yes, I think he is very complicated, in many ways and he sees sex as a weapon, especially in the first season. But I think that in doing that he really falls in love with Oliver. Maybe he revaluates his relationship with sex…and love…”

But can Connor become the perfect boyfriend_

“I like people saying that Connor is the perfect boyfriend but I think he is not. I don’t think he is a great boyfriend. I mean, hiding the fact he inspired multiple murders, I don’t know if he will be the right one for me. But Connor genuinely cares about Oliver and he wants to protect him. I think it’s cool, especially when they have to go through HIV diagnosis, Connor keeping Oliver hidden in his office… I don’t know, I hope the best for them. Who knows…”

And if accused of murder, which character would Jack choose as his defender?

“None of them! I mean, they haven’t been in law school;they have been running around in a wood covering a murder…Maybe Annalise”.

And what does he think about his co-stars?

“We built really family vibes. We work 14 hours a day together. There are funny jokes and we are all really close. For example I’m flying to London tomorrow and I’ll have a bite out with Alfred (Enoch, ed) and his girlfriend. Then go back and as I have a puppy and Aja (King, ed) has a puppy too we will have a dog-walk together”.

Besides Mister, Aja‘s dog, apparently Banjo has another great friend: Drift, Chris Wood‘s black dog. Chris will be with Jack in the second season of Mercy Street.

And if, as we did, you are wondering why a curious name like Banjo…well, here is the why.

“My dad is a banjo player. I really like the name. It’s a kind of goofy dog and when my dad plays the banjo, he is a kind of goofy too…so…”

Jack is a Game of Thrones and Mr Robot fan, but he is also a former music theatre student. In an interview he said he gave up on it because it is too much competitive, especially for a boy who started his studies late. Any chance to see him on New York or London stages soon, now that with HTGAWM he reached all this success besides recording the uncredited first two episodes soundtrack?

“Yeah, maybe. I think, maybe even a music film. Or there are so many live musicals…it will be fun and cool. I’d like a coming back to music theatre”.  In London he chose to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Gielgud Theatre.

And could he be a lawyer now? His sister is a lawyer, what does she think about his work?

“No, I can’t be a lawyer. I learned a lot about murder and how to be a great liar…My sister was just finishing law school when I started the show so it was fun to talk with her about her experience in school and mine on tv…very different…”

How challenging is for Jack play a character like Connor just few weeks after finishing to play a so different one like Frank in Mercy Street?

“I really enjoy playing two different characters like Connor and Frank. Frank is a conspiring spy in the Civil War. He is so far from Connor and this difference is exactly what I was looking for in my life job. I like Frank but it is nice now to come back to Connor because he fits me like a glove. Walking in Connor skin is easy and more familiar. I’m happy to be back in his skin soon”.

[alert type=red ]HELP!!!!!!!!!!![/alert]

On September 18th Jack and Alfred Enoch will be competing in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon as a relay team with Team Disney. Jack will swim and Alfred will run.What is important is that they will be fundraising and all the money raised will benefit the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Pediatric Cancer Research Program. Right now they already raised $5,250, the 53% of their goal. Every dollar helps and there are just 58 days left to donate…so, if you want, you can help following this link and spreading the voice. You can do it from all around the world!!! Isn’t this great?!?!


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