FTV de Monte Carlo: 10 minutes with Dr Martin/Firestorm Victor Garber

DC‘s Legends of Tomorrow focuses on time-travelling rogue Rip Hunter, who has to recruit a rag-tag team of heroes and villains to help prevent an apocalypse that could impact not only Earth, but all of time.

At the Festival de la Télévision de Monte Carlo we had the real pleasure to meet one of its main characters: Victor Garber, better known as Dr. Martin Stein/Firestorm (as seen also in The Flash, here their press conference).

“Wow guys, being here is like to be back on set, like be with family”.

But Victor Garber is also a wonderful music theater performer…which is his favorite production?

West Side Story, for sure. It was the first musical my mum brought me to see and I thing I never see anything more beautiful…ever…really. Because it’s genius… I saw Rent, I saw Hamilton, …and West Side Story is definitely in that league.  After I saw it for the first time I walked the stairs of the Broadway Children Theater and I wanted to walk them for the rest of my life. Acting is my passion and I feel comfortable in my own skin…and to be in front of people portraying other people…was exactly what I was born to do. I believe everything I have done impacted on who I am now. Everything; nothing was made just by chance…everything improved me, I would say in a positive way as I’m doing fine. I love this new job. It’s really different from everything I have done before. I never wanted to be a superhero and it’s not why I’m doing it. However I have a certain age, it’s not like I’m flying around in a tight costume…I’m sure no one would to see that. I’m surprised by the passion that people have for it. I’m just amazed of being here…amazed and e little bit overwhelming from the aggression of the fans…By the way the greatest thing could happen to me as superpower will be the opportunity to sleep eight hours a night…I never feel rest in the morning”.

Victor Garber said he is too old (by the way we disagree with that) to be the superhero running around…so, how is his relationship with Franz Drameh, Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm?

“Let me say very paternal…I mean, he is only 23…come on! We like to tease each other…because he calls me grandpa and I call him kid…He has London accent and I always say to him that if he speaks English I can’t understand what he is saying”.

But Victor Garber knows, in our hearts, he will always be the brave Titanic‘s Captain, “a project so extraordinarily as absolutely unexpected for everyone involved in it”.


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