FTV de MonteCarlo: 15 minutes with Private Eyes star Cindy Sampson

Private Eyes is the new 10-episode procedural drama based on the book The Code by G.B.Joyce. Private Eyes follows ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade (90’s heartthrob Jason Priestley from Beverly Hills 90210 and jury president at this year Festival de la Télévision de Monte Carlo)  who irrevocably change his life when he decides to team up with fierce P.I Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson, The Art of More) to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.

We met the super funny Cindy Sampson on a special day…the day that should have been that of her wedding. Her happiness is something really contagious as her sense of humor and her excitement to be in a fairly place like Monaco.

“So…Private Eyes is a 10-episode dramedy…so there is a lot of drama and a lot of comedy…it’s really funny actually. I play Angie who is a private investigator. I run my office where I used to work with my dad who recently passed away. One day I meet Matt, played by our wonderful Jason Priestley. Matt is a former hockey player, a celebrity with a  celebrity mind set…That was a really brief summary. See?!?! It’s great when you already know what to answer to a specific question”.

She laughs and we find ourselves laughing with her.

“Jason and I met while he was working in my hometown in Nova Scotland…he works there a lot and when we met we really came along so…we got a long smashing so while we were shooting we did on screen exactly what we would do in real life if we were Angie and Matt…”

So, is he the one who have to learn everything?!?!

“Yeah, absolutely! I’m the boss…I’m his boss…Well, at least in the show”.

How far is Angie from Cindy?

“Angie is a very independent woman and I always try to be like that too. And we share some sarcasm. I think that what I love the most in her is that she is a serious person but she takes nothing seriously. I work hard and I respect what I do but you can’t just take life too seriously. You have to laugh all the time if you want to survive”.

As 90% of the people in the world, Cindy is a huge fan of Game of Thrones; but her guilty pleasure is watching Grey’s Anatomy and she loves to wait a week or even more before knowing what’s going to happen…even on Netflix she usually watch an episode at the time…

The Festival de la Télévision de Monte Carlo is something just extraordinary and the location is one of the most beautiful in the world…but the schedule, especially for the guests, it’s pretty hard…

“Look around, here everything is just amazing; my friends, my colleagues are here, my fiancé is here…we have time in the evening to go out and have dinner in dreamily places…Oh, I tell you something. We were supposed to get married today, in Canada. Everything was booked and ready and then I was like…Do you wanna come to Monaco? And he was like…absolutely…oh but we were supposed to get married.. bah, never mind and we push the wedding up two weeks. Jason Priestley will be our minister so technically he can marry us here in Monaco. Both of us was also supposed to be in Montreal but we both said…Nah, we have to go to Monaco…not a bad alternative , right?”

We had few minutes to talk about the new season of The Art of More starring our Londoner Christian Cooke.

“In The Art of More I play Kate Bosworth‘s sister. That’s why I had to be in Montreal instead of being here. I don’t know the storyline of the new season yet but I’m pretty sure it will be really juicy”.


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