Welcome to your tape Bryce: Justin Prentice at 58th Montecarlo Television Festival

On screen, he is the bad guy from 13 Reasons Why, known as the Rapist. But in real life, he is kind and funny and sweet. What does Justin think about his character?

C: Welcome to Monte-Carlo Justin…

J: Oh, thank you! We had an award ceremony in Los Angeles so I just arrived here last night and my body doesn’t know what is going on yet. But that’s ok. Glad to be here! It’s my first time here but I know already I’ll be back because it’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to explore the city.

C: First things first. Congratulation for this amazing series. But tell me, when you received the script which was your first impression, your first thoughts?

J: I was very excited about it. It’s very deep, it’s very mean, the characters are all well developed. As an actor, I love playing well-developed characters. We don’t really have so much of the cliches, even my character doesn’t have the typical jxxk cliches that we see a lot in America. And maybe also in the rest of the world. There is so much darkness in all of these characters. Their struggles are very real.

C: Not cliches at all…for example we are used to seeing the cool guys playing American football but here you are baseball players…

J: I’m glad they did! I think they wanted to do something a little different, to do different things from other shows under any aspect. Which is fun because I played baseball when I was a kid and it was cool to have that feeling back again. It was fun, a very enjoyable filming day. And it was mad because my character had this very expensive camera next to his face while he has to throw the ball and I was like…mmm…I don’t trust myself on this well enough and you guys shouldn’t either but…but at the end, no camera was hitten during the making…

C: Yeah, they could put it at the end: no animals, no cameras were…

J: Yes, lovely! I’m going to suggest it for the next season and by the way, I love your not American perspective about baseball. It’s fascinating. Thank you for sharing a not American point of view.

C: No, thank you. All right moving on from sports…In the first season, we have tapes. A tape each episode about a new guilty character. So we were expecting the same thing this season with polaroids…

J: …and ta-da! It’s not! Yeah! Now there is more unknown, it is not as predictable as was in season one.

C: I know you were a little bit disappointed when you read what was going to happen…better not happened to your character

J: I knew it was coming. I knew the direction they were gonna take because our show tries to portrait the events as realistic as possible. And unfortunately this is the more realistic now; you know, rich powerful white people getting off way too easily. So I figured that was the way they were going with it and it was. And it’s upsetting, people should be upset, we should talk about it, try to change it, prevent these sort of things from happening. But I’m glad they portraited that way because it’s realistic. It was the right call. Being American I knew these stuff were…are going on and happening daily. I had people very closed to me who were raped when they were younger, I had a buddy who took his life when he was in high school. So all of these issues are very close to my heart and to the other members of the cast. So there was this family bond on set because we all went through this kind of things and we had each other backs while working together to support each other and it’s very beautiful.

C: What would you like to see in season three?

J: Oh, I don’t know. They can go in so many different ways. I love the writers are so so talented…Bryce is gonna be a dad. I guess…that is gonna be interesting…maybe…’cause his family has also the power to make things to go away so…There’ll be more about the guns and Tyler,…I don’t know, there are so many different directions the show can take…so I’m excited because they didn’t tell us anything yet…can’t wait to have the script in my hand and start reading it.


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