Once upon a time: TELL ME A STORY

Tell Me a Story is the new icky shows by Kevin Williamson (Stalker). The new series by CBS All Access retells the classic fairytales by Grimm brothers: Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel plus Three Little Pigs but twisted in a dark brain-set.
Season one starts with The Three no-Little Pigs, a jewelry-store- robber gang: Sam (Darian Missick) and the two brothers Eddie (Paul Wesley) and Mitch (Michael Raynod James). When the robbery goes dramatically wrong, the wolf is soon after them. Who has the strongest house and who has the straw one?
In the meantime, Hannah (Dania Ramirez) and Gabe (Davi Santos) are two siblings who have grown apart since moving to New York City.
If Hannah is a war veteran, her brother is a drug addict and a burlesque dancer in a club.
In the end, we have Kayla (Danielle Campbell) who has just moved to New York to her granny (Kim Cattrall) with her father after the death of her mother for a fresh start. But the Big Bad Wolf is more near than she thinks…more than her wolf tattoo on her thigh.
As in most CBS tv-series lately, also in Tell Me a Story, Trump is a huge part of characters dialogues. For example, in the very 1st episode, Beth (Spencer Gramer) and Jordan (James Wolk) argue about how safe and wise is to bring a child into Trump’s America (obviously they agree is not).
Tell Me a Story has 10 episodes and all the characters are linked together, whether they know it or not.
This new series has energy and it’s different from everything seen before. It combines the interesting idea in transposing fairy-tales to a modern context and an attractive cast. Tell Me a Story grows episode after episode, it’s foxy and skeptical, and it’s not Once Upon a Time ’cause here it’s our world we are talking about, our daily world. There is not a happily ever after type of fairy-tale. All the storylines converge by the end. The cherry on the top is former TVD alumni, Paul Wesley.
Paul Wesley is Eddie, one of the three pigs. Eddie is a very different role from the one that gave him international popularity. Nevertheless that Wesley manages one again to glue you to the screen.
A great series about revenge, love, and anger able to show you what happens when good souls become bad.


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