KILLERMAN: a 70’s flavour crime-thriller starring Liam Hemsworth


Malik Bader’s new crime -thriller is a well-staged movie made of smart choices but easily forgettable.

Liam Hemsworth is Moe Diamond (really?!) a Manhattan diamond jeweler and a money launderer. By his side, there is Skunk, aka Bobby Santos (Emory Cohen Brooklyn, The OA). They move money for Skunk‘s uncle Nestor ( Zlatko Buric Pusher trilogy) hoping to score a $1 million each income. When the work is delayed and they find themselves with two million dollars planned to be used to buy politicians for a high-stakes real-estate investment, Moe and Skunk organize a cocaine deal to increase their income. When the deal goes wrong, a car crash leaves Moe with amnesia and Skunk in the hands of two violent corrupt cops.In a crescendo of violence, the movie ends with a twist that you’ll hardly see coming.

Killerman is full of 70’s cliches and over the top nonsense like the trust Skunk puts into Moe even if theirs is a two-year only friendship. Bader‘s shot the movie in 16mm and we can find a scent of Drive and Only God Forgives mixed together where Ryan Gosling substitute Liam Hemsworth is the only salvageable thing.

Killerman is surely not a must-see movie but it’s good entertainment for the genre lovers.


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