“Judy” or a journey beyond the rainbow

Judy1.jpgAged 46, Hollywood legend Judy Garland, the former girl who enchanted an entire generation singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” in “The Wizard of Oz”, is broke and devastated by abuse of alcohol and pills. She accepts to go to London, invited by theatre mogul Bernard Delfont, for a series of concerts. Here she will followed by the memories of a difficult childhood in stardom and the presence of an ambiguous younger lover, Mickey, who will become her fifth husband. Will music be enough to save her?

Based on the play “End of the Rainbow” by Peter Quilter, “Judy” is a traditional biopic which focuses on a determinate aspect of the life of a celebrity. Director Rupert Goold uses his ability of stage director to recreate the relationship between artists and audience (theatre-goers will recognize both Wyndham Theatre and Hackney Empire), being here more effective than in the Hollywood flashbacks. But the strength of the movie resides in the heartfelt performance by Renee Zellweger who, after a time of oblivion, returns to Oscar buzz with the mimics, weaknesses and intense musical performance of Judy Garland, a woman who everybody loves for carrying so many people “somewhere over the rainbow”.


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