“The Rise of Skywalker” or The Fall of a Legend


It’s a fall instead of a rise. It’s the Dark Side winning against the Force. It’s the worst ending you could have expected to come from a saga which has been a watershed in the History of Cinema since its inception in 1977, now brutally ending  in one of his weakest episodes which, alas, it is also the one wrapping the lives and times of the principal canon of the saga.

We will respect the will of the creators to avoid spoilers and we won’t exceed in telling how the story ends and what destiny is waiting for Rey, Poe, Finn and all this pretty forgettable group of new heroes (Lando Calrissian returns for the ritual nostalgia cameos while the late Carrie Fisher is brought back through unreleased and badly edited footage of “The Force Awakens”). We just tell you that these two hours and almost a half contain all the most despicable fan service, with no interest by Abrams (and his co-writer Chris Terrio) to build a storyline or challenge their audience. They serve on a beautiful silver tray a huge amount of rotten food with characters and situations just glued together to allow old nostalgic nerds and young web influencers to start long and tedious disputes online about superficial situations, moments of remembrance and plot twists with no reason to exist at all.

J.J. Abrams already proved with the ending of “Lost” how to destroy something ingeniously crafted with a dull final chapter. This ninth chapter of “Star Wars” literally finishes to blow up what the frail chapters of the prequel trilogy had yet started to undermine. One of the most forgettable movies of the decade and even more.


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