James Lafferty kidnapped along with a class of high school students

Sunday evening has become in the last few years a fix appointment for fans of  television series related to justice and law enforcement.

The battle between cable dramas and network dramas is tight but, in terms of quality the first ones are for sure the winner.

To make the exception that proves the rule is certainly worth mentioning CBS‘ s The Good Wife. It is on air with the fifth season, and will soon see the introduction of a new character who will be played by English Matthew Goode (Match Point, Imagine Me and You).

It will not be for sure Crisis in to change the wind, but the new NBC‘s  hostage drama can definitely gain some point to broadcast series after the terrible flop of CBS’s Hostage.

140314_2759410_A_Field_Trip_Gone_WrongTraveling to New York City,  high school class whit the sons of the most powerful Washington men and women (President’s son  included) is kidnapped along with the two chaperones: the father of the only girl out of the world of the rich Beth and their professor Mr. Nash.

After a well-constructed pilot in which the main characters roles are presented quickly but effectively; after a couple of twists on the past of the two leading women; leaving open the reason of the kidnapping ( however giving a little hint in a flashback); Crisis will be a one child for episode series, however, always keeping the spotlight on the two real main characters: FBI agent Susie Dunn and her sister, CEO Meg Fitch.

The strength of the series is definitely the great choice of the cast of adults: the two chaperones, Beth’s father (Dermot Mulroney, My Best Friend’s Wedding, August: Osage County) and Mr. Nash (James Lafferty, S.Darko, One Tree Hill); FBI agent Susie Dunn (Rachael Tylor, Transformers, Grey’s Anatomy); CEO Meg Fitch (Gillian Anderson, X-Files, Great Expectations).

To lose credibility to the series, however, are some holes in the script: with all the FBI agents available the case is voluntarily given to the aunt of one of the students (among other things, she is also in bad relations with her sister)?!?! Secret Service’s agents for the president of the United States of America’s son escort the bus with two cars but no agent is present on the bus?!?! An entire class is accompanied by only one teacher and one parent?!?!

But, if you are willing to make room for a bit of elasticity, Crisis is definitely a good Sunday company.

“What will you do for your child? How far will you go?” 




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