Captain America The Winter Soldier: London Première

Captain America The Winter Soldier première in London was something that leaves you breathless.

At Westfield London Shopping Center, on the blue carpet, alongside the stars, also the amazing black Corvette and a wonderful stage with flames and, hanging from the ceiling, the emblem of Captain America to tower on the parade of stars.

Among the audience, not only countless Captain America, but also all the other Marvel characters were there: from Loki (one of the most popular) to Wolverine.

We met the Black Widow Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation, Match Point), The Falcon Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Million Dollar Baby), The Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl, The Black Swan) , Peggy Carter the Londoner Hayley Atwell (The Duchess,The Pillars of the Earth), Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson (Die Hard, Pulp Fiction), directors Anthony and Joe Russo (You, Me and Dupree) and, obviously, Captain America Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, The Nanny Diaries).

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson worked together on many projects, starting in 2007, from The Nanny Diaries, and the complicity and affinity that accompanies them also outside the set is really rare and enviable.

Scarlett Johansson

How is to be here at this première?

“It’s unbelievable. The fans are just absolutely inspiring and excited…a lot are in costume..someone in the Black Widow…I’m proud to be represented here tonight”.

What we’ll see about your character in the movie?

“You know, in Avengers Natasha was in the background. In The Winter Soldier we discover that Natasha has a life outside the hero-suit. Here we can finally see her personality and her life far from her job”.

Anthony Mackie

Who is your character?

“My character is The Falcon and I work with Captain America. Actually we work together to take down the Winter Soldier”.

How was to be in your costume the first time?

“It was amazing. It was difficult, it was painful but after the first minutes it was lovely. We had the best wardrobe people in the industry and they made us really comfortable in our costume so, at the end, was really amazing”.

How was working with the cast?

“The cast is amazing. I did four movies working with Sam, three with Chris, Sebastian and I have been friends, Scarlett and I have been friends so it was like the icicle on the cake”.

What should the audience expect from this movie?

“An amazing story with an amazing cast. In this case it’s much more about the story. Winter Soldier is more a story-movie than an action movie but the action sequences are great”.

Sebastian Stan

Who is your character?

“Well, the Winter Soldier is a brainwashed, a weapon trained to kill. He is in part machine. He used to be best friend with Rogers [Captain America, e.n.] so he’s suppose to have some psychological problems with him in the movie”.

How is to be a Marvel villain?

“You know I grew up with villains as Jake Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Gary Oldman so I felt like…you know it was like a real duty to be able to give a villain the right justice on the screen..a great privilege”.

How was your training?

“I started training six months before we start to filming and then three months before, Chris and I started the training for the fight sequences that was really intense, like learning every day a dance…we had a choreographer so when we were on set it was like to give some black and blues I guess”.

How was to be in the costume?

“It was complicate. We shot in summer, June and July and were very hot. A lot of people took care of me, I didn’t notice every time I had someone near to fix the costume but in it I seems a really badass..And is all that matters”.

Hayley Atwell

Where we find Peggy in the movie?

“So we know Peggy was in the 40s, she was human, she didn’t have super powers so she was mortal…She is missing Chris, Captain America. So in this one there is a flashback and we see also how Peggy will be now”.

How was working again with Chris Evans?

“Chris now is more confident in his role. He is more relaxed, last time he was nervous about taking a role like this but he is so phenomenal in this part, he has grace, and attitude and humility. He is a really dear dear friend so I feel too lucky to have the opportunity to work with him again”.

Samuel L.Jackson

How was working with Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson?

“I love to work on set with them and when you have also to put on a costume it’s even more funny and great”.

Chris Evans

How is to be here?

“I didn’t expect it..I came from the back door and they said stay here and after the door opens and anybody knows what to expect…It’s great”.

Why people still love Captain America?

“I think it’s because it’s a comic people read for a very long time and it has a personal role for a lot of people”.

Anthony and Joe Russo

Which is the story?

Joe: “It’s a spy story.But we have a really electric villain in the movie. His relationship with Captain America is emotional; he presents a great emotional conflict in the film”.

How is working with the Marvel?

Anthony:”We love the character and we love what the Marvel did with the other movies so it was really exciting”.

And how is working with a cast like this?

Joe:”It’s unbelievable. They are so good in what they do, they know they characters so well, they make our job really easy”.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in UK cinemas on March 26th.


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