A chat with The Winter Soldier, The Falcon and Captain America directors

We met Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Anthony and Joe Russo yesterday and, after an hour with them now we are sure that The Winter Soldier is Captain America‘s enemy for real.

We have the certainty that, when Captain America The Winter Soldier (live from the première here) will be release next week Sebastian Stan will be the new Tom Hiddleston, The Winter Soldier will be the new Loki….another villain is ready to stole hero’s scene.

That is to say, steal the scene, it is not a new thing for Sebastian Stan. He already tried few years ago in the acclaimed series Gossip Girl but, in that case, his character Carter Baizen tried to be the best villain in an impossible victory against the other villain Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick).

For sure Mackie and Stan are two of the most funny and great people you can meet in the industry.

We talk about their costumes.

Anthony Mackie: ” Well, the first time I said ‘please, I understand it’s a Falcon costume but don’t make me stupid’ ; just after that I saw it and I thought..wings…it’s not going end well”.

Sebastian: ” Wearing my costume was physically painful..it was summer…it was really hot in it but the first time I was fully dressed I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize myself. it was awesome. And by the way I lost a lot of pounds”.

Anthony and Joe Russo talked about to be involved and be on set.

Anthony Russo: ” Kevin Feige [Marvel head, en] is a big fan of community, probably he fell in love with Paintball episode and …we were on board”.

Joel: ” As in the others Marvel Movies, we try to include a little bit of comedy but when you do it you have to be careful because if there are too much laughs audience lost the story…the problem is that with these two [he points Stan and Mackie] it’s impossible to be serious”.

Anthony Mackie: ” He kills people [looking at Sebastian] he is not funny”.

After we asked to Sebastian about his deep look in this clip.

Sebastian: “He took like 50 takes…”

Joel:” 45″

Sebastian:” Ok 45 takes…I was hungry…I was starving…it came from this bad feeling”

Anthony Mackie: “It was like…I need a protein bar…protein bar…I need one, now!”

At this point, outside the room some people started to cheer…probably they came to know that the cast was there…

Anthony Mackie: ” I’m here…they are cheering for me…”

Sebastian: “Usually this happens when there is Chris [Evans, en] around. I did the same thing when I met him [ Anthony, en]..he is like a Nick Cage…mmm…black…he is in a lot of movies”.

How did you get involved in the project?

Anthony: “My agent told me ‘Marvel wants you in his project’ and I said…mmm…they need a panther? ‘no’. And I was like..ok so they decided to do a new Iron Man…black? ‘no’..alright I’m in whatever it is”.

Sebastian: ” That was great. It was July 4th 2012…in America is the Independence’s Day, you know that right? I was to a party and my friend called me: ‘Dude, congratulation’..and I was like ‘Thanks, for what?’ ‘I just so the news you are in the new Captain America’..’Great, I didn’t know it’..”

We asked them if they were superheroes what they would do.

Anthony Mackie: ” I’d do that every day … I repeat EVERY DAY women are always beautifully nice with men”

Sebastian: “I’m my own hero [people cheered] no…you can’t cheer on a quote like this one..please…I’d try to bring peace in the world”.

Anthony Russo: ” Me too. I’ll be the Peaceman”.

Sebastian: “That’s not fair…no…you can’t…I’m the Peaceman…you have to choose something else”.

What do you think about a Captain England as new character for a movie?

Anthony Mackie: “[trying a British accent] I’m a bad guy…yeah…Sorry, I learned my British accent watching Oliver Twist”.

Joe: “Shhh..we can’t think it…Marvel has inserted trackers under our skin. But at the end I think Captain America is not a hero who represents a nation, but principles..but we can say that if you see the movie…it doesn’t end…”

Anthony Mackie: ” And the sequel could be a musical…”

Joe: “You can’t star singing now…but can put a scene in the next movie if you want”.

Last question, Sebastian, what would you steal from Captain America?

Sebastian: ” Nothing…I’m perfect..”

Joe: “That’s not true…just one word…Natasha [Scarlett Johansson character, en]…be honest…”

Sebastian: “True…absolutely, Natasha”.

Joe: “And his ABS”

Sebastian: “That’s not true…I don’t need his…I have mine”.

And the meeting ends with Sebastian Stan unzips his sweatshirt so sexy as if he’s doing a striptease.









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