Captain America The Winter Soldier: Gear up! It’s time!

Hard times for Loki. Who would have thought that the most beloved villain, one day, would have been a worthy opponent to want to win the crown?

Is that The Winter Soldier has from his past worthy of the best villains (who would dare to challenge Chuck Bass?!?), and a new Marvel project very innovative compared to the past.

For the first time, we see real problems; the characters are far away from the imaginary Asgard, they are in America and they talk about security and politics.

Their problem can easily be our issues: national security, civil liberty, and intelligence gathering.

And who better then Captain America can fight for ensure peace to the nation?

True, among all the characters Marvel his powers are decidedly limited, but he is still a man that has been defrosted from the 40s and who, if we remember correctly,  had a clear idea of what patriotism is.

Among the web for a refined thriller and a super-movie with a super-budget and effects, The Winter Soldier (here our special interview) doesn’t miss that little bit of sarcasm always present in the Marvel’s  movie though they can’t reach the refinement of Loki’s sarcastic quotes.

In addition to innovation of the plot, another point in favor of the latest Marvel’s effort  is that the Black Widow is no longer a background in the middle of a bunch of men with super powers, but finally she is a solid character with her own story.

We are finally able to find out more about her life outside work and her super-costume, and, as we see, she  is also willing to try to revive the love life of Cap right before a launch from an aircraft without parachute.

Of course, the arrival of the villain puts a little all in an uproar because, like any self-respecting bad, he has a past linked to the hero.

If Loki is Thor’s half brother , the Winter Soldier is … well you’ll see at the theatre.

What can we say about the cast? They are just perfect.

Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce (Fury’s right hand man) is more than a simple cameo; Samuel L. Jackson as Col. Nick Fury is perfection.

Chris Evans with his blond hair, his blue eyes  and his irreverent smile is just the only possible Captain America in the industry; Scarlett Johansson is so beautiful and kind that it is almost impossible to believe she is real.

The comedy of Anthony Mackie is the icing on the cake.

And then finally there’s him.

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier.

The perfect villain, the one that with a look like the one in this clip, can leave you breathless.

And, if the Winter Soldier is ready to try to steal the heart of a good portion of Loki’s fans, we dare not imagine what it would mean to see them work together side by side.

I wonder if we will ever realize this dream, but what we know for sure is that Captain America: The Winter Soldier (here the live from London première) is not the last film in which we see our super hero all stars and stripes because there’s already a work in progress for a Captain America 3 .

 Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out tomorrow, March 26th.

“The price of freedom is high… and it’s a price I’m willing to pay! You told me not trust anyone and this is how it ends: EVERYTHING goes!”



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