For a small man you have got such a bloody big mouth: Fare

Fare, see the trailer, is an English short movie produced by Kettlefish.

The film was screened in competition at the London Independent Film Festival 2014,here our live, in the category Horror Short.

Filmed mainly in the south east of London in Bermondsey, Tower Bridge and the Southwark beaches Fare is the story of Dominic (Romeo and Juliet star Christian Cooke, read our other article about him), an arrogant rich businessman who stoned and drunk, raging against the little people that stand in his way flauting his wealth tries to hail a cab that would take him home. After a few unsuccessful attempts, a cab driven by the beautiful and mysterious Charon (the amazing The Musketeers Milady, Maimie McCoy) appears. It’s the beginning of a psychedelic trip around the city, during which Dominic is forced to confront his misdemeanors. A trip where dreams and reality mingle until you lose the perception of what is real and what is not. Between killer dolls and snakes the journey comes to an end to the Stygian River Thames, where he submits to paying the Ferryman’s Fare.

Directed by  P.J.Harling and written by Jude Cook and Ben North, Fare has the ability to keep the viewer in suspense for the entire duration (14 min).

Cooke and McCoy prove to be excellent and competitive runners both on the short and on the long run.

The cinematography by Steve Lawes shows a London that is almost magical, and the soundtrack by David Saunders is the icing on the cake.

And be sure that, after seeing Fare, instead of taking a taxi near the riverside in the evening, you will be tempted to walk up to  home.



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